q H-Bomb Film’s Wes Miller, who is responsible for years of awesome ATV action films, such as “Huevos 1,” formed the Bomb Squad in 2000. The Bomb Squad is known mostly in the ATV world as the crazy guys pushing the big-air limits around the globe. This ATV freestyle team is comprised of a few of the top riders in the world, who demonstrate everything from the superman to backflips and the crazy superman backflip! What most people don’t know is that the team includes ATV racers and off-road racers as well. Members have won everything from the prestigious Baja 1000, TORC off-road events, the SCORE Class 25 Championship, and the CORR Pro Lite Championship. 

Recently the Bomb Squad has teamed up with GBC tires, who has been lacking in the sport tire market, to test and develop a tread that will suit all-around ATV riding needs. So far, the two motocross sizes (20×6-10 and 18×10-8) available are ideal for full, mid-sized and smaller sport quads. The 18×10-8 will also fit many youth quads, like the Honda TRX90, Arctic cat 90, Polaris Outlaw 90 and Yamaha’s Raptor 90. We mounted them to our 2011 Yamaha Raptor 250R and took them for a spin.
DWT’s RokOut and G2 wheels are tough as nails, and look great matched with GBC’s Bomb Squad-designed treads.


GBC’s Bomb Squad MX tires use the Bomb Squad logo design for its knobbys. The layout of the knobby looks similar to the layout of many other knobby-type sport tires. The tread is constructed with a “dual directional pattern” that features more directional knobs one way for sliding, as well as accelerating, while reversing the tire gives you more scooping knobs for better traction in sandy conditions. 

The tires were purposefully packed with more knobs, giving you the ability to customize and enhance the tread pattern to fit your riding style and the conditions you’ll be riding in. GBC is working with the Bomb Squad and other pro riders to come up with unique templates that show users how to cut knobs and customize the tire for their riding style or track condition. The templates will be available at We’ll keep you updated as the templates are released. To groove the tires, we recommend a tool we tested in the March 2011 issue: the $59.99 KnobbyKnife ( or 423-774-0028) it is a powerful 100-watt heating tool that maintains over 500-degree heat while cutting rubber.

We replaced the stock Raptor 250 20×7-10 fronts with 20×6-10 GBC Bomb Squad treads. We mounted them on DWT’s 10-inch RokOut fronts. Thanks to the integrated “rock guards,” the DWT RokOut wheels allow you toss out the thin OEM rock guards found behind the stock wheels, which are designed to stop outside debris from entering, as well as prevent damage to the brake line, disc, caliper and wheel. The OEM unit work well, but are easily bent and often misplaced. The DWT RokOut wheels are available in 10-inch sizes only for both 4/144 (Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki) and 4/156 (Yamaha and Polaris) bolt patterns.

We dropped the wheel and tire size down, from the stock 19×10-9, to a 18×10-8 GBC Bomb Squad in the rear. We did this using DWT’s G2 aluminum beadlock wheels. They are available in 8×8 and 9×8 sizes in 4/110 (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris) and 4/115 bolt (Polaris, Yamaha) patterns. 

The DWT wheel combo runs $450 for all four corners, but we have seen deals for around $100 less at The GBC Bomb Squad treads run for around $65 each.
The 20×6-10 (front) and 18×10-8 (rear) Bomb Squad treads hooked up well on most terrain. If you spend your time in the sand, flip the wheels around and traction is further improved!


The DWT/GBC front and rear combinations were simple to install. We had all four tires beaded, mounted and riding down the trail in under 40 minutes. The black powder coat wheel finish is not always our favorite color choice, but the GBC Bomb Squad treads looked great on the DWT RokOut and G2 beadlock wheels. 

These tires might be labeled for motocross, but they are a good all-around tread. The four-ply tread handled our 20-mile loop filled with a backyard-style MX track, loose fire roads, whooped-out hill climbs, steep decents and multiple sand washes. We spun slightly out of corners on the loose fire roads. When we swapped sides with the rears, we were able to pick up time in the sand washes! The Bomb Squad fronts are an inch narrower than stock, but the handling of the Raptor 250 wasn’t affected in the rough stuff. The 1-inch shorter rears had the Raptor 250 revving out quicker, and cut the top speed down a click or two. All around, these are good tires for the track or trail. To purchase the Bomb Squad GBC tires or DWT’s RokOut and G2 beadlocks, head to your local dealer. Go online to or to view all of GBC’s and DWT’s tire and wheel

lineups. q

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