Getting 193 horsepower from a RZR

We managed to pull wheelies in the BoonDocker UTVs off little dune rises. The power upgrade is a lot of fun.

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


We can’t get enough of the sand dunes! Burning gallons of fuel, roost gazing, cresting over dunes in a buttery-smooth flow on the sand; it is one of the best feelings around. One thing we have learned is that you can almost never have enough horsepower on the thick granules. BoonDocker’s turbo build kits boost power numbers and easily widen your grin as you head off into the sandy landscape.

The company recently put together a bundle called the Dominator kit, which can potentially take your 168-horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo to around 193 horsepower on pump gas, with further increases possible on race gas! We tested their kit in the dunes of Idaho and later installed a kit on our RZR XP Turbo.


As expected, this kit isn’t an inexpensive upgrade at $2995. However, we feel it’s worth the cash if you want a healthy change in your power output. The Dominator kit comes with a direct-replacement turbocharger and an ECU tuning package from DynoJet. Included with those items are an upgraded clutch kit with adjustable magnet weights and primary and secondary springs.

There is also a hardware package in the Dominator kit. You get new charge tubes and couplers made from a very durable and heat-resistant silicone material. All the stock plastic pieces and clamps get replaced.



This kit isn’t an easy install for the guy that usually takes his ride to the local dealership to get worked on. You should leave the task to those trained mechanics. If you are an experienced mechanic, then you can get this kit installed within three to five hours. The exhaust needs to be removed, so make sure you don’t strip the hardware, because some have to be reused. Oil lines have to be taken off, and the old stock turbo is not an easy place to get to. Changing out the charge tubes and the rest of the parts isn’t a picnic, either.

Once you do get all of that installed, you still need the proper clutch tools to get the job done. We suggest you do some installation research and make sure that you feel confident enough, with the right tools, to get the job done. If you don’t, call your mechanic and schedule time to drop your ride and the kit off.


If you have yet to experience a Polaris RZR XP Turbo, we could say its power feels equivalent to a 300-horsepower two-seat sports car. Well, when you install the Dominator kit, it makes it feel loads faster. There are 10,600 acres of white quartz sand at the dunes of St. Anthony in Idaho. Shredding around with the Dominator-kit-equipped RZR made it feel like there were only 4000 acres.


The power feel remains similar down low with the BoonDocker kit. Then, as all turbochargers do, it spools up. The midrange and high-end power is crisper and far stronger than stock. We had a smile on our faces every time we went over a rise and stabbed the skinny pedal. You can feel the front tires lifting off the sand and the car trying to reach for the sky. It is an epic feeling. The power keeps pulling hard until it’s got no guts left to give.

Do we feel it is worth the price point of 3K for the additional ponies? Darn right we do! The Dominator kit livened up our RZR and made it more fun to drive in the sand. On hardpack dirt, it can feel like a handful at times, but it’s a worthy upgrade for the dunes. BoonDocker offers the kit for the RZR XP Turbo S, as well as bolt-on turbo kits for other Polaris and Can-Am models. Go to to get more info on their lineup for turbocharger kits!


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