PRODUCT EVALUATION: Curtis Cab for the Yamaha Rhino; Fully enclosed UTV fun

The front windshield is easily opened from within the cab with two latches. The modular nature of the system makes it easy to add and remove individual component parts.

Curtis Industries has been in the business of building enclosed cabs for tractors for 40 years. Curtis is also a significant OEM supplier for utility vehicles, providing cab enclosures and snowplow systems for these vehicles as well. This Worchester, Massachusetts based company has recently introduced some UTV cab enclosures for the popular and versatile Yamaha Rhino.
These units consist of a modular cab system that allows rapid convertibility from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride. The cool or warm (depending on your point of view) thing about these units is that they allow the user to install one, or all of the components, increasing their flexibility as the seasons change. The colder it gets, the warmer you can make your UTV.
The rapid transformation from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride is what makes the Curtis Cab conversions a handy add-on for cold weather UTV usage. Both of the Curtis side doors quickly convert to half doors as well. The Curtis roof/windshield and rear panel also feature a unique, easy on, no-tools required, pin to slot connection that lets you bolt them on and take them off rapidly. They even claim you can make the transformation from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in just 60 seconds.

We ordered up a set of Curtis Industries newest enclosed cab components for our latest Yamaha Rhino 700 UTV. Curtis does not sell retail, so you have to call them up and order a set through one of their dealers, (800) 343-7676. Our local dealer said these units sell for right around $3000 for the complete set, not counting shipping costs and local and state taxes. The Cab kits for the Rhinos are currently only available in black, but all the cab components—base frame, roof, windshield, doors, and rear panel—can be purchased separately or as a complete cab kit.

The units come with cab receiver mounts that allow you to install the system’s modular components. The roof, windshield and rear panel feature a pin to slot connection system and a heavy duty quick release latch that lets you open the front windshield quickly and easily.
This lets you open or close the hard-coated polycarbonate windshield from inside the vehicle, a handy feature for changing climate conditions. Curtis even has an optional wiper kit available for the front windshield if you live where it rains or snows regularly
The Cab panels themselves are constructed of thermoformed material (not ABS plastic or fiberglass) on all the body panels. This material is said to offer superior low-temp impact resistance, higher heat-deflection, and greater stability than ABS or fiberglass. As we mentioned earlier, the side doors quickly convert to half doors—no tools required.
When it came to mounting the cab kit, the toughest part of the process was loosening the Yamaha’s roll cage nuts and bolts. Once we loosened these units up, the cab mounts easily slid under and locked down. The plans do show that a special hex tool (available from your local Yamaha dealer) is required to loosen the stock Rhino’s door panels, but we were able to get these bolts off without having to buy this tool by using a vise grip.
Once you have installed the cab kit mounts, the rest of the pieces easily slip-on and lock onto the vehicle. It really is a simple matter to put the windshield, roof, doors, and rear panels on, once these mounts are bolted on.

The fully enclosed Curtis Cab sells for right around $3000-$3200 and is available through their dealer network by calling (800) 343-7676.

While we do not have the type of inclement weather that our friends in the upper states and east coast do, the benefits of having a fully enclosed Rhino cab are clearly evident. The Curtis Cab kit is well made, clearly thought out, and goes on easily (once you have loosened up the stock Rhino roll cage bolts).
It is a simple matter to flip the front windshield up (while seated inside the vehicle) and get cooling air to the driver and passenger inside the Rhino. The windshield locks easily, and the side doors can be turned into half doors simply as well. So their claim of going from enclosed to vented in under 60 seconds is true.
Once everything is bolted up however, it seals up nicely and offers a warmer environment than the standard Rhino open cab design. Hunters, sportsmen, and people who live in much colder climates will appreciate the simplicity and warmth this addition will bring to their UTV travels. Curtis also tells us that they sell a enclosed cab kit for the Kawasaki Teryx UTVs, exclusively through Kawasaki dealers, as well.
For overall comfort, convertability, and easy of use, the Curtis enclosed cab for the Rhino gets a hearty Dirt Wheels thumbs up seal of approval.

Applications—2004-’09 Yamaha Rhino, UTV 450, 660, 700 and Limit. Edition
Part #—1YAMC-Complete Cab (includes all modular pieces and mounting kit)
Weight—169 lb. Installed (full cab)
Accessories—(2) Sno-Pro Snowplow Systems, Fast-Cast Salt Spreader, Heater Kit, Windshield Wiper Kit and Work Lights
MSRP—$3000-$3200 (depending on discount from dealer)
• A Cab System for all Teryx owners is available exclusively through your Kawasaki Dealer.
For more information on Curtis products visit or call (800) 343-7676.