q Last fall, Curtis Industries introduced a new versatile, easy-to-use fabric/ vinyl cab enclosure that will fit most popular UTVs. Instead of using hard-ridged components that are more complicated to install, are heavier and cost more, the PathPro SS (Soft Side) cab is made of a thick nylon. The cost is $2089, which is about $1000 less than a conventional ridged system. Like most cab systems, the PathPro SS has a frame that gets bolted to the UTV, then the doors, roof and windows all hang off of it. So for summertime activities, you can easily, in this case, unzip the doors and rear window and easily stow them away for future use. The windshield also only takes seconds to remove.
For full protection without the weight and cost of a rigid, plastic cab system, the Curtis PathPro SS is a great option. When driving inside, you only have to dress for cold temperatures, not a freezing windchill or wet weather.
Another great advantage of this cab system is that the doors are almost entirely made of double-polished clear vinyl, so your visibility out the side and even down to the ground is virtually unobstructed.
We installed the cab on a 2010 Polaris Ranger XP. The main frame bolted to the roll cage and to some fender and body mounts. The entire installation took less than an hour. One thing that helped us was that we did the installation in direct sun on a warm day. We could tell that if you were to work with the material cold, you might have an issue with stretching and maybe ripping some components.
The soft-sided door zips and Velcros closed. The window also zips down if needed. If temps rise when out on the trail, the side and rear windows roll and tuck neatly out of the way.


Our test, on the other hand,  took place in the dead of winter, so we were able to ride in extreme cold (well, for California, anyways), in the rain and snow. All of the water from above never entered the cab. We did have some water splashing up from under the dash that entered the driver’s compartment, but it was due to no fault of the Curtis system.

Although the hard polymer plastic windshield was durable enough for a windshield wiper, we did not install one. What we did, however, was put a heavy coat of RainX anti-fog treatment on both sides of the windshield. For speeds under 30 mph, the treatment funneled the water right away and made for a safe view forward. The no-fog treatment kept any fog from developing inside the cab—even with three people inside.

Yes, it does get cold enough in California to take advantage of a cab enclosure on a UTV, and the Curtis PathPro SS performed very well. It is easy to install and easier to use on a season-by-season basis. Our temps rarely drop below the point where we would need more protection than this, but if they did, Curtis sells in-cab heaters that would fill the gap. Curtis Industries also carries more UTV cab products, like windshield wipers, at or call (800) 343.7676. q

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