q We’ve grown to hate batteries. With all the test machines in our fleet, there are always one or two that struggle to start when we try to move or ride them. We try using battery tenders whenever we can, but sometimes we just can’t keep them all charged! In search for a solution, we came across CV4’s new lithium-iron phosphate battery, which is a new, high-tech battery aimed to bring more power and less weight. An 8-cell-type battery for most ATVs weighs just 1.8 pounds, which is some 8 pounds lighter than most lead-acid batteries that come in electric-start ATVs. CV4 also has 4-and 12-cell versions for different-size engines. They sell for $140 online for the 8-cell shown here.

We installed CV4 lithium-iron batteries in two LT-R450s that we built for a future test; one had a high-compression stock-bore engine and the other a big-bore kit. The batteries fit snugly in the stock location and bolted up with the stock cables. Cranking was much quicker than with the stock battery, and you can crank the engine for far longer without any hint of discharge. The CV4 batteries work with the stock charging system, but you cannot use a high-amperage jump-starter or you’ll ruin the battery. The batteries come pre-charged, so you just unbolt the stocker and put the new one in its place. The 8-cell offers over twice the cold crank amperage of the stock unit (275 for the CV4), so the engine spins to life much quicker.

Another advantage to the sealed lithium-ferrous batteries is its mounting ability. Without any acid in the battery to spill out, you can mount it upside down, on its side and pretty much anywhere—and they don’t get weak with vibration or jarring impacts. The 4-cell is ideal for smaller-displacement machines up to 250cc to 300cc, the 8-cell will handle 350cc to 700cc, and for UTVs and big twin-cylinder engines, they make 12-cell batteries.


We cranked the two LT-Rs’ hot engines many times on a warm day in the dunes, and neither battery showed any signs of giving up, even with the lights on. We never had to put the battery on a charger, but if you do discharge the battery to where it won’t start, it’s smart to charge it using a lithium-type charger with a cell-balancing function rather than a normal battery charger. CV4 also sells these for a little over $200. Saving weight, increasing cranking power and a longer-lasting charge, the CV4 lithium-ferrous (iron) battery is a winner in our books.

Prices range from $90 to $189 depending on the size. Contact CV4 Products at (800) 448-1223 or q

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