PRODUCT EVALUATION Disabling the auto unload function on the freeway MOTO-GATE CARGO NET

q If you’re lucky, you didn’t see it happen. There is no worse feeling that looking in your rear view mirror at the precise moment that something large slides out of your pick-up truck’s bed. It’s much better not to see the cars swerving as your tool box flips end over end on the freeway. The only comfort we can offer is that it’s happened to all of us. When you haul ATVs and gear frequently in an open pick-up, the odds are that sometime, somewhere, you’re going to lose something.

But there are solutions. Aside from being more careful when you load things up (sorry, we had to say that), there are some products designed to allow you to drive with your tailgate down and keep your stuff secure. By far, the most affordable of these is the Moto-Gate.


When you load your quad, some compact trucks are just a little too short to get the tailgate closed. Even many full-size pickups don‘t have enough room for a full-size quad, a gear bag, a gas can and an ice chest. The solution is to leave the tailgate down for more bad space, and keep all your cargo contained with the Moto-Gate. This is simply a heavy-duty net that acts as a tailgate. The construction of the Moto-Gate is first class. The net is made of thick nylon that’s beefy enough to hold 3 tons. It has tie-down hooks and adjusters on the four corners, and those are tough, too. The hooks are rated to 1 ton. After loading up your ATV and all your stuff, it takes about 30 seconds to hook the net in place, and then there’s no way that large items can slide out of the bed. When it’s time to unload, you only have to undo the top hooks, then you can roll your quad right over the Moto-Gate. The hardest part is figuring out good places to put the hooks. You can either use the existing hooks on your truck bed, or h
ook the ‘Gate to your footpegs on top and the truck bumper on the bottom. The best thing about the product is that it doesn’t take a lot of room. You can roll it up and keep it under the seat in your truck when you’re not using it.


We’ve been using the Moto-Gate for several months now, and it’s become standard equipment. Our problem is that we almost always have too much stuff to carry. We live for the days when we only have one ATV to carry in a truck. Usually, there’s a motorcycle too, or maybe there’s a second quad standing upright. In either case, closing the tailgate isn’t possible. Even an Amp Bed Extender is of limited use because it isn’t flexible enough. The Moto-Gate wraps around stuff and can be extended to keep our Beverly Hillbillies load contained. The Moto-Gate’s finest moment came when we used it as a tow chain to free a truck that was stuck in the mud. It’s pretty tough.

Yes, it’s still possible for stuff to slide out underneath the net. You have to assume some responsibility for keeping your chain-lube bottles from rolling around. And if you have a truck with a bed liner, you’ll have a hard time figuring out where to fasten the Moto-Gate. The best solution is to install your own hooks where you want them. It would be nice if the Moto-Gate had some kind of fastener with this in mind, rather than tie-down hooks. Still, we like the product, and it’s ideal for someone who doesn’t want to invest in an enclosed trailer. The Moto-Gate sells for $59.95. You can find out more by going to or by calling (877) 739-9327. q
Even if your quad fits into your truck with the tailgate up, there’s not much room for anything else. The Moto-Gate can solve that issue.

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