q Even if you can ride right out of the garage to your favorite trail, chances are you have to load up your quad from time to time. For us, it’s a daily chore. Back in the day, we used everything from wooden planks to skinny dirt bike ramps to get the job done. Well, times have changed for the better. Quad-specific ramps are not only here, there are tons of products to choose from. One company that specializes in everything ramp-related is Discount Ramps.

Discount Ramps’ catalog is filled with an assortment of loading ramps, racks, tie-downs and trailer accessories for any two- or four-wheel vehicle. For the heavy UTVs sold today, Discount Ramps offers the Black Widow line of products, among many others.

To see how tough the Black Widow brand is, we ordered a set of their extra-wide, arched folding ramps to try out. The ramps aren’t cheap, starting at $300 for the set; however, unless they get stolen out of the back of your truck and sold as scrap, this will probably be the last set of ramps you will need to buy.


The amazing thing about these aluminum ramps is that they come with a massive 1500-pound (per side-load rating) total weight capacity—that means you can easily drive the heaviest UTV, fully loaded, over these ramps and not stress them one bit. To be that strong, the ramps do weigh just over 45 pounds each, which is because they are constructed of thick, square and round aluminum tubing and giant Tig welds hold them all together. On the plus side, the ramp folds into a compact stored measurement of 54.5 inches by 17 inches by 6.1 inches—meaning you could slide the pair under any 4X4 quad or UTV while you are hauling it in a truck or on a trailer. Nothing is more frustrating than having a long pair of (non-folding) ramps that stick out the back of your truck when not in use.

At 9 feet long, the Black Widow provides an easy ramp to ride any quad or UTV up, even into the back of a lifted 4X4 pick-up. The rungs that your ATV tires actually drive over are serrated, providing sticky traction so we are never nervous climbing up them even in the rain. Further security is provided by a pair of nylon straps that allow you to secure each ramp to the pick-up truck prior to loading or unloading. We usually hook them to the bottom section of our truck’s bumper.


Even if you don’t load ATVs every day like we do, you still want the best product for the job. It not only makes the task easier, it’s safer and will even protect your truck from damage. The Black Widow extra-wide ramp set is one of those products that helps make our day-to-day duties easier. Discount Ramps has the products to make your life easier as well, from the $300 extra-wide, arched, folding aluminum ramps all the way down to a $50–$75 pair of steel or aluminum ramps; Discount Ramps has you covered.

Contact Discount Ramps at (888) 651-3431, or view their extra-wide Black Widow product lineup at q
At 17 inches wide, you should never have a problem driving off the side of this ramp set. The rungs are also serrated, so traction is not an issue even in the rain.
The arched folding ramps have 1500 pounds per side rating. Even fully loaded ATVs and UTVs don’t come close to that measurement.

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