Protection from your own roost By the staff of Dirt Wheels

For the test, we installed the DragonFire mud flap kit on our Talon 4 test unit. We positioned them next to the bottom of the shock. The mounts fit secure and are adjustable for different-width trailing arms.


They go by the name “mud flaps,” but they have very little to do with mud. The flaps are actually roost guards, and, again, they are not for what you think. They are not there to prevent your roost from hitting the buddy riding your bumper behind you.

In fact, the roost guards are to prevent rocks and sand roosting off your front tire from sand-blasting the business end of your trailing arm. Furthermore, they prevent rocks from entering the wheel and getting hung up between it and the brake components.

In fact, most of the debris actually comes diagonally from the front tire across the belly pan back to its opposite rear corner. Of course, this is more of a problem if you drive in 4WD, and gravel roads are the worst offenders.

You can see the amount of pitting the flap took because of the roosting from the front tire. This pitting can also damage CV boots. At a very reasonable $129.99, the protection the DragonFire mud flaps give is priceless.


DragonFire Racing’s MultiFit rear mud flap kit is universal and works on most trailing-arm-equipped UTVs. It bolts directly to each rear trailing arm, so it’s not designed to fit on machines with A-arms in the rear. 

We installed the mud flap kit on a Honda Talon 4. For the first part of the test, we installed only the passenger side to see if we could tell a difference. What we found is that the wheel on the unprotected side was much more sand-blasted than the other. 

The mud flap that was installed took a beating. In 120 miles of riding Idaho’s national forest trails, it looks like it was run through a sandblaster. The flap itself, along with the bracket, was totally pitted. It’s easy to tell they were blocking debris constantly. After a two-day ride, the brackets and bolts were still tight and holding up well. We finished off the last day’s ride with both kits installed for total protection on our Talon. 

While we didn’t test the flaps on a RZR or Can-Am X3, we installed a mounting bracket on each of them, and they fit just as well as they do on the Talon.


This is one of those products, like a rear-view mirror, that should be installed as stock equipment. These flaps will reduce the ugly pitting all trailing arms get and subsequent rust, plus protect vital drivetrain and suspension components starting the day you install them.

If you want this type of protection, consider these easy-to-install, one-size-fits-all MultiFit mud flap kits. To find a DragonFire Racing dealer, log on to

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