q Four- and five-point harnesses have been around for ages. It is only lately they have been becoming more commonplace in the UTV world. With machines like the Polaris RZR XP 900, the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000i and Can-Am’s Commander 1000 reaching speeds over 70 mph in the dirt, thicker-than-stock seatbelts should be considered. Plus, now with UTV racing in the GNCC and WORCS races becoming so popular, not only are they a good idea, they are becoming mandatory. We, too, have started competing in some of these events and had an opportunity to try out a set of Dragonfire’s H-style four-point seatbelt system, and this is what we thought.


If you haven’t considered harnesses because you think they are a pain to install, they’re not. In our RZR S, the bottom or lap belts conveniently bolt to the chassis in the stock locations using the stock hardware. We made the installation even easier by drilling a 1-inch hole in the rear quarter panel. This made accessing the outside belt hardware much easier. Afterwards, we plugged the hole with a 25-cent rubber grommet. The shoulder harness looped right around the crossbar located behind the seats with no tools or extra hardware. If your UTV doesn’t have a crossbar behind the rear seats, Dragonfire sells a bolt-in unit that will help you out.

The Dragonfire belt is made of 3-inch-wide nylon with soft-rubber padding sewn into the shoulder area. The H-style is a four-point system, but a submarine (crotch) strap can be added, making them a five-point setup if needed. A pair of black 2-inch-wide belts are also available and incredibly priced at only $99. Black, red, blue, silver and camo colors are available for $140 a pair.


Having a set of racing belts like the Dragonfire product really gives you extra peace of mind when driving fast on the trails or racing around a track. Dragonfire’s extra thought of including a sternum (chest) strap helps keep the pair of shoulder straps from wandering or falling off one side or another. Another good feature is that the shoulder and lap belts are sewn together so you don’t have to fumble around with them trying to latch the pieces together. The buckles  are easy to adjust and fit the wide variety of driver and passenger sizes we had testing our RZR S. At $140, each Dragonfire H-style belts are a cheap investment in your safety. They’re not as easy to use as stock belts, but they are pretty darn close, with double comfort and triple the protection. Check out Dragonfire’s huge supply of UTV accessories at, or call and order the H-style belts at (888) 566-5950. q
For this seatbelt test, we raced this RZR at a local grand prix event. They were comfortable and easy to install. Since the lap belts are already connected to the shoulder harnesses, it makes them simple to use.

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