Testing the new XC V1 tires & G3 beadlocks

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The DWT beadlock wheels have an attractive look with multiple color choices for the rings available.


Wheels and tires are ever-changing in our industry, and currently the biggest changes are in the UTV market. The machines are new and the technology is improving. Fortunately, the sport ATV market doesn’t need much more innovation and improvement, because companies like Douglas Wheel and Tire (DWT) already know what works. Its beadlock wheels are championship-proven many times over the years, and their tires have sat on top of many podiums. We gained a pair of their G3 Series front and rear beadlock rims and a set of their XC V1 front and rear tires for a torture test.


These rims are tough. DWT wheels have been driven on for many miles without a tire left after a blowout during a race. The wheels held up to make sure the race team passed the finish line and got them home safe. That proves how well the aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum construction stays durable. The rear wheels come in 8-, 9- and 10-inch wheel sizes in different offsets. The fronts are available in 9- and 10-inch sizes in multiple offsets as well.

DWT’s XC V1 tires are proven to offer great traction in multiple types of terrain. If you want all four tires to last a while, go with the hard compound.


You can also get the G3 in a dual beadlock design, so no matter what, you can’t de-bead a tire. However, more metal means more weight. The finish on the inside of the rim is now a durable matte black, and you can purchase colored beadlock rings to match your machine. We got white rings to put on our Honda TRX450R. Pricing ranges from $175.93–$188.95 each for front and rear beadlock G3s. Keep in mind, you will need to run flat-type lug nuts on these rims instead of tapered ones.


These well-designed tires are GNCC and WORCS racing winners. They excel in desert and hardpack terrain, but also tackle slippery and mucky mud sections you are bound to come across. These tires are six-ply rated and are, on average, 11.5 pounds apiece. The front tires come in one compound—hard—and designated by yellow print on the sidewall. The rear tires are available in medium or hard compound. Medium compound has blue print on the sidewall.

The lug design is the somewhat standard X-style, but they are wider with a cutout in the center of each lug. The rear tires are multi-directional, while the fronts will act differently if you turn them around. Sizing is standard for sport quads. The fronts available are 21×7-10s, while the rears in either compound are 20×11-9s. Prices for these tires range from $59–$82 each, depending on fronts, rears and compounds of the rears. We picked up the V1 fronts and medium-compound V1 rears for a test.

A strong, durable beadlock wheel is important in certain types of riding and racing. The G3s are no slouch in this department.




Our associate editor, Collin Duffy, owns our Honda TRX450R project from last year, and he enjoys racing it for fun outside of work. When we chose the DWT wheels and tires, we knew he wanted strength and performance in one package. The rims are very strong and durable. The important part of this test are the tires. V1 fronts only come in a hard compound, but they hook up well and help the quad carve through corners controllably. A softer compound could act better, but they will also wear out quicker.

This is the case with the rear medium-compound V1s we picked up from DWT. Because they are softer, they hook up strong and work well on the hardpack tracks of Southern California. Grand Prix-style racing is Collin’s go-to, and these tires are great for racing. If you want similar traction that will last longer, we suggest you go with the hard-compound rear tires. The mediums have shown significant wear after a few hard rides and are best suited for racing conditions or softer terrain.

Douglas Wheel and Tire have proven themselves over the years with supporting racers that have won countless championships in all types of racing terrain. They also carry great tires and wheels for recreational riders as well. Go to www.dwtracing.com, or call (800) 722-3746 to check out their lineup of ATV and UTV rims.

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