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The AutoAgent 2 from EZ LYNK is compact and very portable.

Can-Am UTV Cable and Polaris cable: EZ LYNK makes it possible to use your AutoAgent 2 on your tow vehicle or side-by-side (depending on model). All you have to do is swap out the cable. Here are the Can-Am side-by-side (left) and Polaris side-by-side cables.

As handy and mechanically savvy as we may fancy ourselves to be, the truth is, most of us are not fully trained mechanics with years of experience. What happens when you’re miles down the trail (or way out on the dunes) and something happens to your rig? Perhaps an “engine light” reducing performance? Or even worse,  the dreaded “limp home” mode?

Those of us who are prepared will have basic tools and possibly even a basic code scanner available for us to help diagnose the problem. But advanced modern automotive and powersports electronics can make your hand tools or even your basic scanner completely useless.

Many aspects of a vehicle’s health are now controlled and monitored with the help of advanced diagnostic tools and computers that you would only find in a well-equipped auto or powersports shop.

If something goes wrong out on the dunes (or trail or desert), you can hook up your AutoAgent 2 and read any codes your vehicle might be throwing.


Professional technicians plug vehicles into dedicated computer systems to help them diagnose and update (or “flash”) the complex systems of modern vehicle electronics. However, what if something happens to your side-by-side while on the trail? You notice the check-engine light comes on when you’re at the trailhead, or worse, far from your pickup. Everything visually checks out, and your basic code reader isn’t picking up any codes. What do you do? You could potentially be stuck; a simple engine light will ruin a perfect day.

Using over-the-air technology, EZ LYNK’s AutoAgent 2 can come to your rescue. The AutoAgent 2 is a powerful vehicle communication tool that puts your technician in the front seat whenever and wherever you choose. No matter where you are, your technician can easily diagnose and potentially repair your vehicle without even seeing it. With the AutoAgent 2, the technician has the ability to access your vehicle’s information from a remote location using remote, over-the-air connectivity. As an added benefit, the AutoAgent 2 does not lock to a specific vehicle. That simply means the same AutoAgent you use in your tow rig can move from road to trail in seconds with just a simple cable swap.

Did you catch that? The same AutoAgent 2 you use on your light-duty diesel tow vehicle (or many non-diesel vehicles) for diagnostics and updates you can use on your Polaris or Can-Am side-by-side, depending on the model. All you have to do is swap out the cable. It really is that simple.

And, because EZ LYNK’s AutoAgent 2 is not VIN-locked to any one vehicle, you can use it on multiple vehicles (i.e., tow vehicle, passenger car, side-by-side and even select snowmobiles). You don’t have to buy multiple units; just one can keep track of all the vehicles you use it with. All the vehicle information, as well as owner’s personal information, is on the app that you download to your cell phone to use with the AutoAgent 2.

Another nifty feature of the AutoAgent 2 is the ability to update your speedometer should you decide to go with bigger tires. This will allow your vehicle to give accurate mph readings.

The AutoAgent 2 plugs directly into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and broadcasts a wireless access point. This provides connection between your vehicle and the current iOS or Android device of your choice. Using the active connection, the AutoAgent 2 streams data from your vehicle’s computer and conveniently displays it on your mobile device via the AutoAgent app.

The AutoAgent app is then used to establish a link between your vehicle and your registered technician, giving them the ability to send and receive data through the EZ LYNK Cloud. Using the ECU editor and user-generated data logs, your technician can offer remote support to linked vehicles and send critical ECU updates immediately.

Your “technician” doesn’t work for EZ LYNK but with EZ LYNK’s technology. As EZ LYNK points out, the company offers the hardware to diagnose and/or flash your vehicle but it doesn’t provide calibrations. You can buy a “tune” or multiple “tunes” from any company and run them through the AutoAgent 2, which installs it on your vehicle. Got a tune for your tow vehicle and your side-by-side? This unit can handle both. Again, the AutoAgent 2 is not a tuner but the means to upload your tune to any of your vehicles.

Say you don’t want to purchase a support package, or tune(s), from a technician, the AutoAgent 2 can still be a valuable tool. You can data-log rides (at 30 minutes a pop) or specific runs, say up a dune, to check on your side-by-side’s performance and perform diagnostics if your vehicle throws a code. You can also clear out a code (like a limp mode) if needed so you can get back to the trailhead. Or, you can update your speedometer if you change tire sizes so that you’ll get accurate mph readings.

Of course, to fully take advantage of what AutoAgent 2 offers, you probably should purchase a support package (tunes). The ability to tap into a technician should something go south is impressive and could put your mind at ease.

This simulation shows the AutoAgent 2 and what you might see on your display, i.e., iPad, cell phone, etc. You can see what is going on with your vehicle, download tunes and read vehicle error codes. You can also switch views between
digital or gauge.

For example, say your vehicle does throw a code and goes into limp mode. You can diagnose what the problem might be and clear the code so you can get back to your tow vehicle. If it keeps happening, you can do a data log and then, using the over-the-air technology, send the information to a technician who can help with the diagnosis and perhaps even fix the problem on the spot or guide you through a fix. You can communicate with the technician through the system’s chat function.

Since the AutoAgent 2 relies on the app, you might be thinking you have to have cell service for all this to work. Not so. The only part you have to have service for is when you download a calibration file. Then, if you want, you can flash your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, with or without service. The system uses Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth technology.

This amazing piece of technology allows your vehicle’s firmware to stay current and provides peace of mind. AutoAgent 2 gives your technician diagnostic capabilities as if he were actually with the vehicle. 

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