Product Evaluation:

— Product evaluation: Rings you can ride with — 

By Rachel Bosemer 

Fixate has created their rings with multiple colors and designs to fit every man’s and woman’s needs. They also come in almost any ring size.

It is common for mechanics, folks who work with machinery, and many racers to avoid wearing rings or other jewelry for safety. Getting a metal ring caught can produce significant and permanent injuries. Fixate Designs makes silicone rings that are safe and comfortable for riding and for working on machinery. My fiancé and I put the Fixate FX8 X-Vent silicone rings to the test during one adventurous weekend at the Colorado River. Both the men’s and women’s version of the rings were worn comfortably, without concern, while shooting guns, driving UTVs and relaxing on the river.

These medical-grade silicone bands were developed by professional athletes, construction workers, business professionals and mechanics who depend on their hands to make a living. It is obvious that these rings are built with a purpose and to last.

The medical-grade silicone that the FX8 is made from allows a lot of flexibility, while their X-Vent technology on the inner surface of the ring helps it vent. This creates less moisture buildup and less drying of our skin while riding or wearing it all day.

There were no instances of stopping and thinking, “Maybe I should take off my ring, because this may mess it up” or “This is not comfortable under a glove or when I twist the throttle/or grip the steering wheel.” These rings are not only functional, but they are so comfortable that you forget that you are even wearing them. Since these rings are flexible, they are among the safest jewelry on the market. They will stretch if they are caught on something or in the unfortunate event that your finger is broken or jammed and begins to swell.

This flexibility and durability prevents the fear of wearing expensive jewelry on your next ride, trip to the gym, etc. One of the best distinguishing features of the FX8 X-Vent rings is the exclusive X-Vent technology. This technology increases the opportunity for air to flow between the ring and your finger and reduces the ring’s contact with your finger. This increased airflow, lessened contact and allowed moisture to flow out of the contact area, which prevents the skin from drying from a lack of airflow, which is a common issue when wearing silicone rings for an extended period of time. Fixate rings include a durable ring bag with a rugged metal S-clip that is large enough to keep your rings safe while still fitting your driver’s license, credit card, cash, etc. while you are out adventuring with your silicone ring.

The rings come in women’s sizes 4 to 9 and men’s sizes 8 to 13. The X-Vent name means that the inside of the ring has Xs molded in to aid airflow and allow perspiration and water to dry. The rings are made of premium, medical-grade, white silicone. We found them to be stylish, functional and durable, and they are covered by a one-year warranty. From $20 to $25.

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