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Fly Racing’s Dirt Laundry bag helps keep your dirty gear away from your clean threads in the same gear bag at a price of $10.95.


Getting wild and rowdy in the dirt means your riding gear is going to meet mud and muck. Racers tend to keep multiple sets of gear in their bag to change out between races. Some weekend warriors just want to keep the rest of their clean gear separated from the dirty stuff.

Fly Racing’s $10.95 Dirt Laundry bag is an inexpensive way to store your roached riding threads in the same gear bag as your clean stuff, or you can just toss it in the truck bed until it’s time for a wash.


Fly’s Dirt Laundry bag is simple in construction and function. The top of the bag has a thick drawstring closure that can be cinched closed with a plastic, push-button, spring-loaded clamp.

The main-bag material is made of a heavy mesh that allows the gear inside to dry and not keep in moisture during transportation. The bottom of it is made of a thick material that is tougher than the mesh. All of the seams are firmly stitched together for durability. Fly finishes off the bag with their logos screen-printed on the bottom of it.

This bag takes up barely any space in your gear bag and can easily be washed once you remove your dirty riding gear from it.



The rainy and rough weather has mostly left Southern California this time of year, but we got lucky for a test with some sky fall. We managed to sling mud at each other and get dirty and drenched. One of our testers removed a set of gloves, pants, jersey, and riding jacket, and stuffed it all into his Fly Dirt Laundry bag. There was enough room left over to fit at least two more sets of gear, similar to the set he removed. 

He shoved the Dirt Laundry bag into his gear bag overnight. One thing we found out is that a soaking-wet set of gear will leak through the mesh of the Fly bag and moisten the clean gear around it. However, if you let the gear dry out a bit before putting it in your gear bag, the small perforations in the mesh keep the dry mud inside the Fly bag.


We washed our Dirt Laundry bags in the washing machine and took them out to another test in the desert where dust, dirt, and sand were involved. Fine sand will pass through the mesh, but most dirt and coarse sand stay inside. As long as your riding gear isn’t soaking wet, Fly Racing’s bag is very helpful in keeping your dirty gear from defacing your clean threads in your gear bag. It’s hard to find a product as inexpensive as $10.95 that adds a large benefit to your riding program. Go to or call (208) 319-3079 to check out their gear lineups and order a bag for yourself.

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