PRODUCT EVALUATION FLY RACING F2 CARBON HELMET High tech without the blown-out wallet

q We spend a lot of time with a helmet on. More so than most people, we would say. That being said, we also want the helmets we are wearing to be safe, comfortable and lightweight—after all, no one wants a neck injury from an overweight helmet! There are many modern materials that make the expensive, exotic helmets feathery and light while remaining strong and durable, but what about helmets for the masses? Dropping $400–$600 on a helmet is tough to swallow, and while it’s worth it if you ride hard and ride a lot, it may not be feasible. What about the rest of us, the ones who just don’t have six bills to drop on a nice helmet?
The F2 looks even better when paired with Fly’s new gear!

Get ready to receive a virtual high five from Fly Racing. Their new F2 Carbon helmet, shown here in Trey Canard replica livery (the stellar Supercross racer), which is lightweight, strong, comfortable and devilishly handsome, costs a scant $259.95. And guess what? Like the name suggests, its shell is made from exotic carbon fiber—and Kevlar—which makes it strong and lightweight.

The list of features the F2 Carbon holds is impressive: great venting (11 intake and four exhaust ports), a quick-release liner, a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite shell, aluminum hardware, a quick-release rubber nose guard, and even venting positioned above the goggles to help draw moisture and fog away from your eyesight. The helmet is SNELL, DOT and ECE approved as well. The fit is comfortable, with thick cheek and crown padding, and the helmet feels light—not the lightest on the market, but a noticeable difference from a cheaper fiberglass or plastic helmet. The graphics are understated and not cheesy, and we got a ton of compliments on the look of the helmet from other riders.
The Fly F2 Carbon helmet looks slick and fits great. We loved ours.

Fly makes some of our favorite gear, and it’s not hard to understand why. They support ATV racing with sponsorships in almost all racing genres. They also manufacture high-quality gear at very affordable prices, and their designs for both gear and helmets turn heads and get noticed. The F2 Carbon is available in blue/white, red/black, and orange/black in the Canard replica graphic, as well as seven other color and graphic options for a total of 10 different helmets for $259.95. For pictures of all of them, you can check out Fly’s website at Fly also sells a $20 goggle that goes well  with the helmet and works surprisingly well for a bargain goggle.


Like we said, we spend a lot of time in helmets. The Fly F2 Carbon is both comfortable and inexpensive—two of our favorite traits in a helmet. The lightweight shell is heavier than some exotic helmets, but for the price, you can’t argue against the F2. Comfort, style, and value—aren’t those the basis of a great rating? q

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