Go around strapped By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Giant Loop is well-known for quality, not cheap or inexpensive adventuring products. Many of the products are somewhat exclusive to motorcycles, but most can transition easily to 4×4 quads with racks. In this case we tried Giant Loop’s Pronghorn straps. These are elastic straps that work with about any vehicle or process where you could use a bungee cord or even rope. The straps come as a pair, and you can get black 18-inch straps, gray 25-inch straps or almost neon orange 32-inch straps.

These are the longest version of the Giant Loop Pronghorn straps at 32 inches. The straps are strong, stretchy and don’t mar surfaces.


No matter what length straps you choose, they can be adjusted into a loop as small as 6.5 inches. They are manufactured from a tough, stretchable polyurethane material. Unlike bungee cords, the Pronghorn straps must make a loop. The bonus there is that there are no hooks to mar the finish of your machine. The entire strap is polyurethane, except for the aluminum buckle. The way the strap fastens, it completely wraps around the buckle, so only a small prong of metal shows.

If you locate the buckle section with any care at all, there should be no way to affect the finish of your machine. In addition to being almost infinitely adjustable for length, multiple straps can be strung together to create a longer strap.

You pull the end of the Pronghorn strap through the buckle, reverse the strap 180 degrees and loop it over the prong of the buckle. Easy.

The Pronghorn straps start at $19 for the short straps, $21 for the medium size and $23 for the long ones. It is easy to snug them up very tight, and they hold great and are easy to adjust. Giant Loop claims the 3/4-inch-wide straps are nearly unbreakable. We really stretched them to pull down a sleeping bag to a hard plastic case, and the strap held up to the stress. Undo the strap and it returns immediately to the original shape and length. Unlike some bungee cords, the Pronghorn strap is almost sticky, so it doesn’t tend to slide from where it is attached.

Let’s face it, in many cases you could do a similar job with the cheapest twine around. There are other, cheaper ways to tie your stuff down, too. However, the Pronghorn straps are easy to use and protect the finish of your equipment. They are a versatile way to tie items in style. Find out more at Giant Loop: (888) 358-8347,

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