We had our Dirt Wheels logo inserted into one of IMS/Roll’s classic series front bumpers. For an additional fee, they will customize a bumper for you.

Have you ever wished you could advertise your own custom logo on the front of your quad for the whole world to see? If so, the kind folks over at IMS Roll designs have come up with a product for you. Their line of customizable front bumpers is the latest trick pony to stride up to the forefront of ATV technology.
These striking front bumpers are available with over 25 different inserts, which use four hex screws to attach to the back of the aluminum grill. The bumpers themselves are constructed of 6061 T4 aluminum and include the removable 1/32 inch thick aluminum mesh insert and plastic backing.

We opted to order one of these Classic Front bumpers with our own Dirt Wheels logo imprinted on the front of the insert. IMS/Roll Design says that in the future they will build classic front bumpers with custom logos for a fee yet to determined.
You can order the IMS Classic bumpers with a series of inserts that they have come up with themselves, featuring everything from Con­federate flags, skulls, iron crosses, stars and stripes, to even the wacky Hawaiian man logo.
Another neat feature of the IMS Roll Classic front bumper is that it comes with a built-in integrated skid plate. This gives your machine a bit of extra protection when riding in rocky or stump-filled terrain. It also has what they claim to be the “Worlds Strongest Mounting System” for their bumper with a reinforced aluminum ridge that forms the upper mounting points.
Installation on our Yamaha YFZ450 was quick and easy. Everything lined up and fit perfectly. We liked the look and extra wide protection the bumper gave our Yamaha on the race track. Our logo stood out and the overall quality and workmanship of the bumper appear first rate.
Our one major concern with the aluminum insert was how much surface area it took up and whether or not it affected the cooling ability of the stock YFZ’s radiators. After running our machine in several races, we soon found that this wasn’t an issue and we had no problems with overheating.

We think it’s a great idea to have a front bumper that you can customize to achieve a unique look for your ATV. The IMS Roll Classic front bumper is a great example of improving a product you think couldn’t stand much improvement. It is a quality built part and a great way to get some extra attention to that rolling advertisement you are currently racing or riding. It retails for $129.95 with over 25 inserts ($49.95 each) currently available, as well as custom versions for an additional fee. Contact IMS products at (800) 237-9906 or