PRODUCT EVALUATION: A modern all-terrain/desert tire 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This hard dirt with loose soil on top is notoriously slippery, but the Tenacity XNR tires grabbed traction and threw dirt.


ITP’s new Tenacity tire series is somewhat unique. It is offered in a Tenacity XSR that is steel-belted for extreme driving conditions or the Tenacity XNR with nylon belts.

The XNR has all of the high-performance design features of the XSR, but is 4 pounds lighter per tire and aimed at recreational riders. Another sign that these are performance tires—the size.

They are offered only in 32×10-15—the tires that only the highest-performance sport machines come stock with. The tread blocks are not especially tall, and the center tread blocks are closely spaced, so it would be understandable if you think it is only for hard and rocky surfaces.

ITP claims that this 40-pound, 10-ply-rated tire is suited for desert, gravel, rock, and sandy terrain. Look closer and you see how this works. The center tread blocks are closely spaced, but the side blocks have wider blocks that will dig in softer conditions.

ITP claims these tires were engineered using a computer-aided, non-directional tread pattern. The new chain-type center tread pattern increases traction in loose terrain and the staggered shoulder blocks are designed to provide consistent traction. The rubber compound balances traction and tread life.

The Tenacity XNR carcass is built with nylon body plies and CCB (continuous cap belt) in this lighter, non-steel belted version. Nylon belts offer better compliance for trail riding over rocks, roots, and rutted conditions at lower speeds than a steel-belted tire like the XSR.

Even though the Tenacity XNR tread blocks don’t look that tall, it actually measures 32.5 inches. The tire wears great, and it works well in our western terrain.



We started this tire test by spending a few hours in our 2019 Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity with its stock ITP Coyote tires. We enjoy the Coyote tires for desert riding.

They hold up well, and they have pretty deep lugs. Even though the stock 8-ply Coyotes are the same size as our Tenacity XNRs, they weigh 5 pounds more per tire! And remember, the Tenacity has a higher ply rating.

The area we chose for testing has some sand and loose terrain, but the loose surfaces lean towards the rocky and gravel rather than sand or loam. The rest of the surface is sharp, choppy rock and hard surfaces that grind tire edges up in a hurry.

The Tenacity XNR is impressive. It is pretty light for a tire this size with this ply rating. They don’t drag down your machine’s engine or suspension performance. The tires offer enough traction that they hooked up and drove out of packed corners with loose dirt and gravel on top.

At the same time, they didn’t want to catch and stand the car up. Traction is good, and so is the steering control in either 2WD or 4WD. We were able to hit the throttle hard and accelerate across rough, choppy rock with sharp edges. The car picked up speed rapidly. Ride quality was improved as well.

The carcass allowed the tire to flex and grip over rocks and roots, even when they were slick. We kept the tire pressure at 16 psi for our tires. We had no worries about punctures. Even though the rocks we drove in were like knife blades, the tires still look brand new with sharp edges to the tread blocks. We expect them to have a good, long life.

Go to to view their impressive lineup of wheels and tires for ATVs and UTVs. You can call (800) 827-1001 to get a bit more information from their customer service line, or check their website to find an ITP dealer near you!

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