PRODUCT EVALUATION: Riding in a cloud 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

We tested Just1’s J-Flex Aria gear set on a chilly morning, which was a bit rough, but once it warmed up we were beyond comfortable.

JUST1 J-FLEX ARIA GEAR. We tested Just1’s impressively light and comfortable J12 Carbon helmet a while back. The lid has great ventilation and aggressive styling. Just1 has taken the knowledge learned from their J12 into account to create two all-new moto gear lineups.

They outfitted us with a set of premium J-Flex Aria gear that was designed to meet the stringent demands of talented and aggressive professional motocross racers. We didn’t have any of those guys, so our staff donned the gloves, pants, and jersey for some quick-paced ATV outings aboard our sporty Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S.



There are so many different gear and glove manufacturers on the market that it can be tricky to choose a quality set at an affordable price. Gloves tend to wear out the quickest, too, so a price point on the J-Flex glove of $34.99 is an attractive selling point. Sizing ranges from XS–XXL.

Just1 uses a mesh-style top layer with their logos heat-transferred onto the material. The glove is secured to your wrist with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure system. The palm is made out of a soft suede material with silicone prints that lead up to the fingertips for great grip on levers. The cool-touch palm material is comfortable and soft. 



The $69.99 J-Flex jersey is by far one of the best ventilated around. Just1 uses lightweight materials on each panel. The sleeves are heavily perforated, and the side panels are net material to allow body heat to escape and airflow to cool you down. The main panels are soft to the touch. The tail of the jersey has a silicone print on it that lessens the chance of the jersey coming untucked from the pants. Large heat-transferred logos are added to the jersey. Sizing goes from XS to XXL.



Just1 constructed the J-Flex pants with a four-way-stretch main body that allows your body to move without restrictions from the pants. The rear paneling of the pants is made of a durable Cordura fabric that resists tearing and enhances grip. A stretchable polyester spandex mixture of fabric is utilized on the back of the legs. Leather panels on the inside of the knees help with grip and guards against heat transfer from your machine’s engine to your legs. Small vent holes are laser-cut through the main pant material. Rubber knee vents work great while seated.

The front closure is zippered and has a plastic adjustable clasp. The waist has hook-and-loop fasteners as well. Sizing starts at 28 and ranges through a size-40 pant.

The J-Flex glove, jersey and pants come in many different color options with sizing to fit almost every rider.



The best way to describe wearing Just1’s J-Flex gear is like slipping into your favorite soft set of pajamas. However, this gear won’t keep you warm on chilly nights. Ventilation is its greatest feature in our opinion. The perforated, laser-cut holes and net paneling let your body heat radiate away while air enters the gear with ease. The Aria’s styling is rather simplistic but it is a refreshing taste compared to all the intricate schemes and neon colors we have been seeing lately. Just1 does offer the J-Flex Aria gear in seven different colorways.

We found a few minor downsides to this gear set. The first is the $199.99 price point on the pants. It is well worth the money to us, but that is quite hefty for a weekend warrior. Just1 does offer their J-Force gear line that is cheaper in price. The pants do run a little tight to size, and the center-clasp flap is interesting to manipulate; otherwise, we couldn’t be happier with the pants’ comfort, durability, and airflow. The gloves and jersey get nothing but praise!

Go to www.just1racing.com, or call (626) 444-0107 to order or get more info on helmets, gear lines, goggles, and more.


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