q While running one of our project Banshees hard in the dunes this month, we wore a clutch down to the point of no return and had to limp it back to camp in a shameful crawl. As soon as we got back, we dialed up KG Clutch Factory in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for some help with a replacement setup. KG Clutch Factory manufactures OEM-spec clutch components for just about anything you can think of, and their prices are low to boot. Their massive selection includes their best-seller (part number KGK-5001Y), full-replacement Banshee clutch kit.

The kit includes seven friction disks, six separator plates and a full set of springs, all for $116.95. KG also sells all the parts separately: friction disks (KG144-7) are $70.95, separator plates (KGSP-510) are $35.70 for six and a spring kit (KGS-002) is $14.95. With the full kit, you save about $5 over buying the parts individually. These prices are similar to what you will find from other aftermarket manufacturers, and quite a bit cheaper than OEM. As always, parts can be found cheaper in some locales and on the web, so check around before you buy.


Here’s a quick run-through on replacing the Banshee’s clutch. (Have a friend help you!) It’s a good idea to soak all the friction disks in a ziplock bag full of fresh motor oil to dampen them up before you install them.


Turn the fuel petcock off and drain the oil out of the cases. Also, drain the coolant from the hose that attaches to the right-side engine case.


Unbolt the brake lever, kickstarter, right-side engine cover, and check to make sure you have the right replacement gasket to finish the job. Banshees aren’t new, so the gaskets will most likely stick.


Unbolt the pressure plate and carefully slide it out of the basket, without removing the center nut. This is the clutch-rod adjuster. Remove the springs and old plates from the clutch. You can pull all the plates out in one group. Retain the rubber cushioning rings.


Check the basket to make sure there aren’t any cracks or hard grooving developing. If it all looks good, put the new parts back in the opposite order you pulled the stock parts out, alternating between friction disks and separator plates. The Banshee separator plates have a flatter side with a tab; make sure to space these tabs 60 degrees apart in a circular motion so the clutch is balanced. Also, install the rubber cushioning rings on top of the separator plates.


Bolt it all back together and fire it up. We recommend letting the machine idle in gear with the clutch pulled in for a few minutes to break everything in before you thrash on it.


The KG Clutch Factory components are high quality, inexpensive and, so far, very reliable. With a machine as powerful as a Banshee, and the inherent clutching that comes along with riding it hard, we’re sure many of you ‘Shee owners will be looking up replacement parts relatively soon. So if your clutch cable has run out of adjustment, quit putting it off and just rebuild it! Contact KG?Clutch Factory at or call (847) 981-5600. q
The KG clutch kit comes with what you see here. You can install the OEM rubber-clutch cushions with the new kit.

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