PRODUCT EVALUATION: More than roost protection 

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

One test rider, Logan Huff, rode for us and complimented how comfortable the body vest fit, as well as this new set of 2020 Leatt gear.


If we had the ability, we would cover every inch of our bodies in armor so we could ride fast and never worry about getting hurt. Unfortunately, we probably couldn’t ride for longer than five minutes without getting tired from all the weight, and mobility would be a major issue. So, we stick to what keeps our limbs moving freely and the vital body parts properly protected.

Leatt tends to be a step above the rest in the protection department. They utilize special foams, inserts, military-grade components, and much more to generate neck braces, knee braces, and pads, helmets, gear sets, elbow guards, and upper-body protection systems.

We recently got a look at their 2020 gear and color choices and convinced them to send their 3DF AirFit body vest protector with a new set of threads. The body protector was quickly put to use where roost would be flying at a WORCS race on our Yamaha YFZ450R!

The materials that make up this 3DF AirFit body vest are flexible and ventilate well. When temperatures rise, the perforation and mesh are nice to have.



Most chest protectors aren’t actually protective in a crash. They are generally labeled as roost deflectors or roost guards. Their task is to stop rocks and roost approaching you as painful projectiles are blasted from the rear tires of riders and racers ahead.

Leatt didn’t want to just stop the annoyance of roost hitting your bare chest; they wanted a guard that was also going to protect your body in a crash. Its brilliant scientists created a line of upper body protection that utilizes impact foam that absorbs energy from roost and crashes. Its guards are CE-tested and certified as impact protection. The foam is multi-layered and perforated for flexibility and ventilation.

The version we picked up has foam protection on the chest and the back of the compression-fitting vest. The back foam is longer than previous models to offer more coverage. A zipper closes the AirFit onto your body, and a chest strap allows you to adjust the tightness.

There are flank protectors built-in. Leatt included straps on the shoulders of the vest to hold down a neck brace, and you can remove foam to allow a proper fit of a brace. The 3DF AirFit body protector’s anti-odor MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics are designed to wick moisture and provide ventilation.



After three practices on the motocross track, and two different hour-long Grand Prix races in 100-degree weather, we had gathered enough info on the AirFit. Does it work? You bet it does! Fortunately, our test rider didn’t take a spill to test the true potential of the impact-absorbent foam.

Putting the body protector on is easy and quick. It goes on under the jersey and zips up with ease. The clasp hooked to the chest can be tricky to connect sometimes. Ventilation is done well, but it can get warm when the temps are high. Leatt has another version that vents even better.

While our test rider ate much dirt and roost meals over the race weekend, he barely noticed the impacts to the body vest. We ignored the flying rock bruise on the unprotected inside of his arm. Mobility is not affected in the vest, and the material is very flexible in comparison to most hard-plastic protectors.

Initially, we figured the AirFit would feel constrictive, but it didn’t hinder breathing at all. Wearing a neck brace and hydration pack was comfortable as well. The flank protection was somewhat bothersome at first, but if it aids in protection, then we won’t knock it! 

The $199.99 3DF AirFit body vest comes in three sizes: S/M, L/XL and XXL. It is claimed as a unisex-fitting protector. Leatt has versions with shoulder and elbow protection as well. Go to www.leatt.com or call (800) 691-3314 to order, or get more info on their impressive and extensive lineup of gear and protection products.

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