Bolt products to protect your ATV & UTV

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Keys are the bane of our managing editor’s existence. He has purchased locks, cables, and other security systems multiple times over. He simply forgot or lost the keys. We have had to replace ignition switches, and Bolt cutters and hacksaws have been utilized due to this fact, but no one is perfect. While our editor is highly regarded in our industry for being an excellent journalist, a very generous person, and a great off-roader, keys are simply his one true downfall.

We came across a company recently that may just solve his problems! Bolt has created locking mechanisms that operate off the ignition key of your truck, car, or tow vehicle. No more multiple key chains for the six different locks on one of our trailers. At least we hope that’s the case. Bolt sent over a few useful products for us to try out!

Each mechanism is designed for specific keys. Our Chevrolet Silverado key requires a different internal design over other manufacturer ignition keys.



Bolt designed a locking mechanism that can be used with your vehicle’s ignition key. We got a set for a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado. Once we got the locks, we started by teaching the mechanisms the key cut.

Once the key is inserted into the mechanism, tumblers align with the cuts of the key. Once rotated clockwise, there are code bars that match with the tumblers and lock into position alongside the key. This matches each tumbler to your key for the remainder of the lock’s existence. Now you can remove and reinsert your key, and it will unlock the locked mechanism.

There are many different types of automotive keys out there, and Bolt requires different mechanisms depending on the type of key, so when you order the products from BoltLock.com, it will ask you what make, model, type, and year your vehicle is.



Bolt sent over a care package of locks for us to test, including a coupler pin lock, a padlock, a 6-foot cable lock, and an off-vehicle coupler lock. Two of the locks are meant for a trailer and two for general use. The $21.99 padlock came in handy instantly, as did the $39.99 six-foot coiled cable lock.

When we camp, go day testing, or just need to secure items at home, having a padlock or cable lock handy is helpful. We generally run big cables through our machine’s frames and lock them to our trailer at night, and the padlock came in handy for that.

The 6-foot cable lock allowed us to lock up our cooler and toolkits to our UTV so no one could wander off with them while we weren’t paying attention or having to leave a machine unattended. We haven’t tested the cutting resistance of these two locks, but we imagine that a very strong set of bolt cutters can get through them, so they are preventative actions over anything.

The $29.95 coupler pin lock is made to lock a trailer’s tongue latching mechanism so a thief can’t easily disconnect your trailer from the hitch and steal it. It is easy to operate, but you can’t simply unlock the lock and slide the pin through it. You must have your key in the lock and turned to the unlock position to slide the lock onto the pin.

And last, the $74.99 off-vehicle coupler lock is our favorite of the group. We don’t have locked fences to keep our trailers safe. Having a system that can lock the tongue, a system that would possibly require power tools for a thief to remove is a big plus.

This locking system works on trailer tongues with either 1 7/8- or 2 5/16-inch receiver sizes. Setting up the lock is easy, but can be time-consuming with multiple pieces that need to fit together to properly lock it onto our trailer. Since you have to close the latch on the mechanism to properly lock it, we also use the coupler pin lock through it for extra protection from criminals.

All of these products are made with hardened steel parts, are corrosion resistant, use double ball-bearing locking mechanisms, and have a stainless steel lock shutter to keep the weather out of the mechanism.


We can easily say that Bolt’s products are worth the purchase. We reduced one jingly ring of keys down to our standard truck key, key fob, and a house key. That got rid of three extra keys that we carried before.

Now, if our managing editor doesn’t forget or lose his truck key, then these locks will save him time and a lot of money. His key collection will heavily downsize, along with time spent finding the right key among multiple ones that look exactly alike. He will be spending a bit of cash to build a full, new lock collection from Bolt.

However, they are very reasonably priced for one of the most innovative products we have come across in our industry! Make sure you check out their extensive product list. Call (844) 972-7547 to get a hold of them, or go to www.boltlock.com.

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