— Testing the 1-inch ATV kit —

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Mac’s ratchet mechanism releases and ratchets super smoothly and easily.

Strapping down an ATV is absolutely important when it comes to hauling it to your favorite riding spot. Not all quads have easy and secure tie-down points, and there are many different types of tie-downs to select from. We’ve found that normal motorcycle tie-downs are not as secure as we like, so we go for 1-inch ratchet straps for our quads. If you are a budget guy, you may not understand why we selected the Mac’s custom tie-down ATV kit for our quads. The kit comes with a zippered bag, four 1-inch-wide ratchet straps in your choice of color, bands to keep the straps neat and secure, and four soft-tie straps. You also get to select between 6-foot or 10-foot straps. The color choices are black, blue, red, yellow, lime, purple, silver and hot pink. The whole kit goes for $69.95 before you start adding options. Mac’s custom tie-downs are made locally in Idaho so you have other options as well, but they will change the cost.


The standard 1-inch ratchet straps kit has plastic-coated, open hooks at both ends. Switching to the 10-foot tie-downs ups the price to $79.95. If you choose to buy the straps individually (for $9.95 each to start), you have other choices available. Instead of two lengths you have a choice of 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- or 16-foot straps. Hooks are up for grabs as well. Instead of the normal-coated S-hook, you can get the S-hook with a spring clip to secure it, or you can go to a flat snap hook.

If you go for the longest strap with the flat snap hook, the price will have risen from $9.95 to $17.95 each. Color choice does not affect the price.

Mac’s straps start with premium strapping rated to 4000 pounds. Mac’s sews all of the ends using the highest stitch count in the industry. The result is a strap with a 2800-pound minimum breaking strength (MBS).

The straps come bundled with a band to keep everything neat in the carry bag.


We have the 6-foot straps, and so far they have been long enough for every strapping job we have encountered. The best thing about Mac’s custom tie-downs are the ratchet buckles. They release and ratchet so smoothly and effortlessly that other straps aren’t even in the hunt. These are amazingly easy and effective to use. They are worth every penny. You can work quickly and easily to tie down your machine, then rest easy knowing it is secure.

Go to www.macscustomtiedowns .com or call (800) 666-1586 to pick up your own tie-down kits.

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