Protection is important, but style doesn’t hurt By the staff of Dirt Wheels

For 2022 Moose has created riding gear with a wide range of options in terms of style, color and performance. Whether you want bright and colorful, a retro look or stealthy dark colors, Moose really went all in on the design this year. Between the Agroid, Sahara, M1 and Qualifier lines, there shouldn’t be a problem finding something you like. For now, though, we have been thrashing the Qualifier gear for a while and have our assessment and ideas about who may prefer that line of gear.


Moose says it designed the Qualifier line with a relaxed fit in mind, and that was apparent when we first tried it on. It isn’t too loose, but the fit is on the generous side. Don’t go down a size on the pants or jersey, just enjoy the comfort. There are clear benefits to the sizing, including being able to fit knee braces in the knee area. Braces don’t get caught when putting the pants on or when taking them off.

When we were done riding, it was ultra easy to get the pants off compared to some brands with form-fit style. If you already have big legs, these pants would be a perfect choice. So, if you’re looking for gear that is on the roomy side, the Qualifier line delivers.


Polyester is used for the jersey construction with non-fading sublimated graphics with performance fitted cuffs. The pants use high-denier abrasion-resistant material with a pre-curved leg fit, three-point waist adjustment and a YKK auto-locking zipper. Moose claims it has the largest sizing range available—from small to 5X for the jersey for a retail price of $29.95. Pants come in a 28- through 54-inch waist for $79.9–$89.95. The gloves are on the large side as well, so if you’re an XXL, you’ll get a true XXL.


Although much of our time in the gear was spent on quads, we did spend some time on dirt bikes as well. And, as much as we don’t like to take dirt samples for testing’s sake, we managed to slide down some hills and experienced plenty of tip-overs. So far, the gear is holding up well. Plus, the red, white and blue selection we were given is a standout on the trail.

Head on over to your local dealer or to to check out Moose Racing’s full line of race wear for 2022.


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