Kawasaki’s Josh Creamer started using MXN products before the 2008 racing season. He not only took his KFX450R to a hard-fought fifth overall finish in the ATVA MX Nationals, he was also known as one of the best-conditioned racers of last year.

Associate Editor Brad Howe hit the starting line with all three Polaris Outlaws (450MXR, 525S & 525IRS), in three different fields of ATV racing. You can find this story on page 92 of this issue. After the first event Brad found himself unusually worn out, and nearly unable to compete after the first moto. He asked himself, “What could be wrong?” Months earlier, he started an exercise program in preparation. Yet, it seemed to make little difference. That’s when he spoke with motocross trainer Marc Spataro at
”Nutrition has a dramatic effect on the body and how it recovers from sports, training, and injuries,” said Spatero. “Supplying the body with nutrients and hydration helps the recovery rate from training and injury by assuring that the proper building blocks are there to help. A well-hydrated body also performs better reducing the chances of injury. Individualized nutrition programs are the foundation to any successful athletic program. Invest in one of these programs and you will see just how quickly your physique and performance change.”
After hearing this, Brad sought out a nutritional program called MotoX Nutrition. Over the course of six weeks Brad finished out the final two rounds of his Polaris race tests, while testing the MXN product. Here are his results.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Cynergy is a cellular super food that improves performance, increases endurance, reduces muscle fatigue, and boosts your immune response. This “super food” is an important addition for any athletic program, high stress lifestyle or daily boost for a quality of life balance.
SUGGESTED USE: Take two capsules daily. On event days, take two capsules upon waking and two capsules 45 minutes pre-event.
Quanity: 90 tablets
Price: $29.99

WHAT DOES IT DO? Endurogen may be the answer to riding harder, longer, faster and quicker recovery. Endurogen is fortified with an electrolyte complex of potassium, Sodium and Chloride. Essential for balance of electrolytes, they affect the amount of water in your body, blood pH, muscle action, and other important processes. It maximizes recovery and energy while buffering lactic acid. It boosts focus and eliminates arm pump.
SUGGESTED USE: Take in two capsule servings, two to four times daily, spaced out by three hours or with food. On event days, take one serving pre-event and a second serving post event. To achieve optimal benefit, Endurogen should be taken consecutively for a minimum of 30 days. Some benefit may be observed from the first dose.
Quanity: 160 tablets
Price: $34.99

WHAT DOES IT DO? Neuro-FX is a cognitive enhancer that uses brain circulation agents and neurotransmitters to optimize your mind; that boosts overall performance and gives you more energy and optimize performance. This also increases mental alertness, reaction time and memory.
SUGGESTED USE: Take 1-2 capsules one to two times daily, preferably on an empty stomach. Do not take within four hours prior to sleep.
Quanity: 90 tablets
Price: $29.99

WHAT DOES IT DO? REM-X is an elite multi mineral matrix formulated to maximize recovery and boost healthy anabolic hormone levels, deep recuperative sleep, proper blood pH, cellular energy and cardiovascular health. Without the proper intake of minerals, levels of these vital hormones may fall, leading to poor recovery and performance. A study shows that a zinc and magnesium deficiency is common, but supplementing with these minerals can increase muscle strength, endurance, and recuperation.
SUGGESTED USE: Take four tablets 30-60 minutes prior to bedtime.
Quanity: 120 Tablets
Price: $27.99

After speaking with Christian from MotoX Nutrition, he sent the Cynergy, Endurogen, Neuro-FX and Rem-X so I could prepare for the next race. There was about a four-week wait for the next race, which was the ideal amount of time since MXN says the Endurogen product takes around a month to get the full affect.
I started taking the Endurogen on a Monday, four weeks before my GNCC race at Unadilla. Since it took more time than the others, I wanted to make sure I’d get the full effect by race day. I continued to take the Endurogen, while maintaining a steady workout schedule throughout the four weeks before the race. I am not big into lifting weights, so I ran three to four miles a day from Tuesday through Saturday. This included riding at least two days throughout the week. This was the same run/ride schedule I used before I started using MXN.
After just a few days of taking the Endurogen, I noticed a slight difference in my run program, but nothing significant. However, about the three-week mark, my energy level was improved, and I found myself wanting to extend my runs.
Since the race was on a Saturday, I began taking the Cynergy and Neuro-FX products on the Wednesday morning before race day. Ending the days off with the Rem-X, and giving myself a day of rest on Friday.
My race started at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, so I took the Endurogen, Cynergy and Neuro-FX around 7 a.m. I didn’t want to eat a huge breakfast, so I followed the vitamins up with a small EAS chocolate protein shake suggested by Christian. My energy level was up, and I felt great.
After the race, I followed up by taking two more Endurogen capsules. I finished sixth in my Sportsman class, and 17th overall in the morning class at the Unadilla GNCC. After two hours of racing, I was tired. But compared to the last (shorter) MX race, it was a hands down difference in energy. Aside from that, I didn’t get one bit of arm pump.

MotoX Nutrition’s program is beginning to make a name for itself in the Pro pits. It improved Associate Editor Brad Howe’s performance during the race, and energy after his race, and even improved his weekday workout schedule. If you are unsure about this program, samples are available to try, as well as a Race Weekend package. The first 100 readers who sign up can receive a free trial sample kit. If you are not the first 100, you can still purchase a sample kit for $10. A full weekend package is also available for $19.99 plus $4.99 priority shipping.
You can purchase the Cynergy, Endurogen, Neuro-FX and Rem-X product at, or by calling (360) 335-1790.

Dirt Wheels: Do you suggest taking these supplements on a day-to-day basis?
Christian Chambers: Our typical rider starts on the Thursday of a race weekend until Sunday night, finishing off with the REM-X. Only a few riders who race pro and train all week, or need the extra boost, will need to take them all the time. Taking them on a daily basis will improve the results as well. Even one sample, prior to a race, will give a boost; that’s how we built our name.
DW: What is the importance of a set fitness program when using MotoX Nutrition products?
CC: It is helpful of course. The MXN products are really able to help recovery and give a quick burst of improved conditioning on the track. The more components that support a rider physically can only help. Not everyone can ride and train full time, so this can make up for a lot on the track. We can’t all be in the condition of a John Natalie all season.
DW: Do you offer your riders training techniques or advice?
CC: We do offer some support. Initially, MotoX Nutrition was just about the performance supplements, but it has evolved more into training and performance nutrition as well. We have a MXN Phase I workout that gives an initial starting place. There is a heavy emphasis on back and core strength. This has helped many riders and has proven to be very effective.
DW: Do you feel a good training regimen and supplements could be a way of injury prevention?
CC: Absolutely. In many direct and indirect ways. Training can help to strengthen tendons and help the rider to physically control the ATV better. The supplements and training both help to reduce rider fatigue, which will reduce costly mistakes, whether it be for a podium finish or lessen rider error, which might result in injury, and perhaps a lost season or championship run.
DW: Is it different for a Pro versus an Amateur?
CC: There isn’t any difference between pro and amateur. Both are hungry to win and being able to charge 100 percent until the checkered flag means just as much to both levels. The usage protocol we send is the same for both.
DW: How important is hydration with use of the supplements?
CC: Proper hydration is huge, regardless of taking the supplements. It’s crucial to allow water to help flush lactic acid out and to help hydrate the muscle cells for proper firing (muscle contractions) when riding or working out. Just ask a couple of my endurance riders like Tim Shelman, Bryan Cook or Santo Derisi. A full gallon of water the day prior to the event is the minimum. Then tapering it off into the day of the race. It’s important to remember, proper hydration occurs days leading into an event. Sucking down as much as you can the day of a race isn’t a good idea, and will result in a bloated feeling.
DW: One of our testers felt upset stomach after taking MXN. Is there a way to prevent this?
CC: Sure. There are many factors at play here. What the rider ate prior to the event, how nervous they are etc. I could talk all day about these factors. But a small percentage of individuals may be sensitive to the B-Vitamins in the Endurogen. If you add that to a highly acidic environment of a nervous individual, your body may decide it doesn’t want any supplements, or food for that matter, in the stomach. There are a few herbal supplements I use and send personally to a couple of riders who experience nausea prior to a race. This nausea issue was a problem for Keith Little his whole career. I gave him a few capsules of this herb and five minutes later, he was good to go. I am happy to help a rider with anything that will improve their race program.
DW: Which top ATV pros are you sponsoring this upcoming 2009 race season?
CC: Riders who are 100 percent next year, a few include: WORCS—Josh Fredericks, Tim “TPQ” Shelman, Brandon Brown, Doug Eichner ATVA- Josh Creamer, Keith Little, Jeremy Lawson, John Natalie. GNCC—Bryan Cook, Santo Derisi, Brent Sturdivant. •