Mudbuster canam fenders


There are a large number of tasks that modern UTVs perform very well. Keeping mud, water, snow or other trail detritus out of the passenger compartment is not one of the things they do well. They aren’t real swift at keeping mud and junk off the surface of the machine, either. In the case of long-travel sport machines, gaining clearance for full wheel travel is one reason it lacks this ability. Of course, style is another.

As a rule, mud-flap products fall short in the style department. That was until the MudBusters arrived on the scene. Like other products, MudBusters are molded from tough black plastic. The difference is that MudBusters have an artful shape that is accented by clever folds in the material that actually provide a nice, purposeful shape. If you are one of those people who grew up chopping the front fenders off your sport quad, they may not be visually appealing to you. The more you travel through mud, however, the better MudBusters will look.

Our Maverick X3 RS XL max coverage full set fender flares are for a 72-inch-wide Can-Am Maverick X3. MudBusters makes three different versions of the flares for the X3. Ours have the most coverage. You can buy them in full sets like ours for all four corners, or simply the front or rear. If you already have flares, you can also purchase a single flare as a replacement.

MudBusters makes fender flares for a surprising and always increasing number of machines. Most are for sport or sport recreation machine, but they are available for the Polaris Ranger as well. Our set was $229 for the full set. The other two sets are also $229.

Top: From this angle you can see how the shape and formed bends added to the flares give them a finished, styled appearance. They offer up to 7 inches wider protection per side.


MudBusters claims that its fenders “offer the best coverage on the market to help keep your Maverick X3 clean and make your time riding more enjoyable.” MudBusters are machine-cut from American-made materials. They are formed to fit not merely flat or curved. All hardware and instructions are included.

Depending on the model you choose, MudBusters front fenders offer 5–7.5 inches of additional coverage on an X3. And, the rear fenders offer an additional 5 inches of rear coverage (behind the tires) and up to 7 inches of coverage on the side.

The rear fender flares will need to be modified if your X3 has rock sliders or nerf bars. Obviously, modified fenders cannot be returned.

This view of a front fender shows how clean the hardware and the mounting are. The fenders don’t add a lot of weight, but they are very sturdy.


Installation of the MudBusters fender extensions was fast and easy. The kit was complete with all necessary mounting hardware, and the supplied information sheets contained clear pictures with step-by-step instructions. Both the front and rear extensions utilized existing holes on the car, and only the rear fenders required the drilling of one hole each. For the front fenders it is easiest to start at the front and work towards the bottom and rear.

These extensions almost doubled the fender’s surface area, and due to their molded and formed construction, we thought they looked great! They are constructed from a thick and sturdy material, yet looked flexible enough so they should not easily destruct. They provide much better protection, and they should greatly reduce the amount of trail debris that makes its way into the driver’s compartment.

Mud is rare in Southern California, and non-existent at the moment, but the fenders did fend off brush, rocks and leaves, and kept them out of the cab.


This is a quality product that does everything advertised. The fenders are a snap to install, and the price is reasonable for the quality and design. For more information on models and fitment, go to or call (844) 683-3527.


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