— PRODUCT TEST by the Dirt Wheels crew —

Multifaceted helmet that gets the job done —

The Nexx X.D1 Canyon helmet is like a Swiss army knife. It has a fold-down, removable clear visor; an internal, drop-down, tinted sun shield; removable lining; and multiple air vents to keep you cool.


The newish dual-sport or adventure bike-type helmets give the user a new outlook on what a helmet can and should be. For instance, when we drive a sport UTV, we prefer to not have a visor, because at high speeds, the wind catching it starts to take a toll on our necks. On a quad that is usually not the case, and we prefer the visor to block the sun’s glare or roost. Also, having the option to have a tinted lens during the day and to be able to remove it is a nice option. Nexx offers a multitude of helmets, and they make a great dual-sport helmet named the X.D1.


The X.D1 helmet’s X-Matrix shell consists of multi-axial fiberglass, organic 3D fibers in Aramid reinforcements and carbon fiber. These together make a safe DOT/ECE and surprisingly lightweight helmet at 3.60 pounds. The X.D1 helmets have a removable and washable CoolMax 3D lining and cheek pads and a chin curtain for comfort.

Being that it is a dual-sport helmet, it features an internal drop-down sun shield with 80-percent tint that would make Maverick and Goose envious. It’s simple to use by sliding the top slider forward or down and backward for no tinted lens. It offers a large panoramic field of view through the Lexan polycarbonate face shield. It can be fully lifted or fully closed with the snap closure. The quick-change face-shield system makes it quick and easy to change out the lens or remove it completely. They were thinking fresh air rolling through the X.D1 by adding two closeable top vents, one chin vent and four rear vents to make it comfortable in any riding situation.

Other cool options include these removable side plates. The helmet comes with optional flat pieces that allow a smooth surface to mount a POV camera to. The quick-unlock feature for the face shield was a dream to use and made removal quick and easy.



For the tests, we used the Nexx X.D1 helmet in different terrains from racing to trail riding. The helmet worked well for both, but we preferred it more for trail riding. It was nice having the visor in the opened position and run the tinted drop-down lens for the bright sections of the ride. For both driving situations, we used the air vents completely open because it was hotter than Satan’s toenails. The helmet vented extremely well and made us feel comfortable. Another great option that we found with this helmet is that you can change out the opening chin vent for the dirt vent option that gave us more airflow. Along with that, the CoolMax liner helped wick away the moisture from our sweaty heads, kept the sweat out of our eyes and kept our core temperature cooler.

Like we mentioned, having a visor while driving a UTV can be strenuous on our necks, but the large openings designed into the X.D1 visor allows more air to pass through. This created less stress on our necks. As advertised, the wide panoramic view was a welcomed addition, especially when we used it in a UTV race. One gripe that we had during the race was we had a large amount of dust entering the helmet from the roost of the other cars. Other than that, this helmet is one of the best dual-sport styles we’ve used thus far. The X.D1 is offered in many colorways, and sizes range from XS to 2XL. For more information, visit their website at or call (888) 968-6399.

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