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The Tech8 goggle has a large frame, which allows it to have a large lens to help you see every piece of terrain in front of you.

NINE2 TECH8 GOGGLES. If you are a woods ripper, desert dueler, or track tamer, a quality goggle is important to help you go fast and keep having fun. When vision decreases, your chance of an accident increases. Nine2 is a fresh company to the goggle market, and the Tech8 goggle kit is its debut offering. We picked a few up and outfitted our test riders with them for trail riding and racing.



The Tech8 goggle from Nine2 is trying to play ball with the big boys, and we think it can hold its own in the competition. The frame is generated from thermoplastic polyurethane that allows it to flex and move with ease. A large polycarbonate lens allows for a wide view, and it is coated with anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV400 protection. The Roll-Off system utilizes a wide 48mm film that is .5mm in thickness. If you prefer to not use the Roll-Off system, Nine2 includes a spare lens with tear-off posts pre-installed, and changing the lenses out isn’t difficult.

This goggle frame has outriggers that assist with a comfortable and face-sealing fit. The 50mm-wide strap is adjustable with silicone on the inside to reduce slippage on your helmet. A removable nose guard comes standard. The face foam is triple-layered and moisture-wicking. This goggle kit comes with a microfiber goggle bag, and two spare rolls of Roll-Off film. You can purchase tear-offs for $10 per pack of 10, and a four-pack of rolls is also offered for $10 on their website: Pricing for the Tech8 goggle kit is a reasonable $85. 

The kit comes with a spare lens, extra rolls of film and a microfiber goggle bag. The nose guard is removable.



Nine2’s Tech8 goggle delivers with a large field of vision that allows you to ride with your peripheral vision to see the terrain ahead and on the sides of you. The goggle fits comfortably, but depending on the different helmets we tested, some test riders felt some pressure on the bridge of their nose. The face foam is quite comfortable and helps keep dust out.

We tested the Roll-Off system on the Nine2 out at a Best In The Desert race, where dust was billowing. A quick pull of the cord and you get a fresh, new film instantly so we could keep charging hard. We appreciated how wide the film is. It is one of the widest on the market. Clear vision is forever a crucial component to going fast and having fun. The Tech8 goggle kit is a big win in an affordable package. Call (814) 279-4275, or go to their site to get yourself a set!

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