If you ever break these wheels, they’ll replace them for free —

 By the staff of Dirt Wheels


— There are so many companies offering UTV and ATV wheels that they need to do something unique in design, technology or strength to set them apart from others. We feel that No Limit has done just that by offering a wheel that is unique compared to others on the market.


No Limit blends strength, longevity and creativity with their two-piece wheel systems. They offer two designs—the Deuce, which we tested, and the Storm. Each offers a unique style, but here is the best part—if you buy a Storm or Deuce style but don’t end up liking the spoke design, you can simply unbolt the center section and buy a different section. If you want a smaller or bigger wheel, you can also purchase a 14-inch or 15-inch hoop and bolt your center directly to it. This interchangeable option also allows the user to switch from a Polaris bolt pattern to a Can-Am, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki bolt pattern just by switching out the center section. All of these options eliminate buying complete wheelsets. That saves you time and money. You can change the center sections with the tire mounted. With any of their wheels, you have more than 20 different color choices that you can choose from. We went with the Octane Blue hoop with a black center section for our 2017 Can-Am X3 X ds.

The rim edge of the Deuce and Storm wheels are double reinforced for strength, and the hybrid bead-retention system gives a claimed 400-percent-more bead retention than a stock wheel. No Limit also offers an excellent warranty. If you break it, they replace it for free!

We ended up testing No Limit’s claimed 400-percent bead-retention design, but not on purpose. After getting a sidewall puncture, we had a 20-mile drive back. Even with the weight of the Can-Am and running fairly fast, the tire never came off of the bead.


We wanted to put the wheels through a variety of different terrain at the California/Arizona border. Sand, water, mud and nasty rocky terrain were in order. It’s not that we were hoping for a flat to test the bead retention these wheels offer, but sometimes that’s unavoidable. We were able to get a full day of testing in, and while cornering hard with a lot of loose granite rock, we eventually got a sidewall puncture that ended our fast driving. We’re happy to report that after 20 miles of driving the Can-Am with a flat, the tire stayed sealed to the Deuce wheel! That’s quite the feat without a beadlock wheel, especially with the weight of the UTV on it.

We checked the wheel for flat spots after driving with the flat tire, but it ended up being fine. We’re impressed, and we know that we will be using the Deuce wheels for years to come. To see No Limit’s full product line, visit

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