q Burger King’s motto is, “Have it your way.” A new ATV wheel company adopted this philosophy and has taken the idea to the next level. No Limit Wheels, out of Kansas, not only prides itself on having an American-made product, customers can choose the style, color and design of their wheels through No Limits’ interactive website ( and build it their way.

To order wheels, the website journey begins by selecting the “Build Your Wheel” button. On the next web pages, you select the year, make and model of your utility ATV or UTV. The process easily walks you through the design process. Once you have input your ATV’s information, you can start previewing the many styles of wheels the company offers. Not only do you get to see what the wheels look like, an image of your model ATV appears with the style and color of wheel you have selected. Now that’s service.

Even if you are not computer savvy, the selection and purchasing process through the No Limit Wheels website are painless. If you can read and have a credit card, you can order wheels from this site. The hardest part is choosing what wheels you want to order.


For the Polaris RZR XP 900 we outfitted, No Limit Wheels had three aluminum wheel styles to choose from. Each were available with two different offsets to consider. Next we were asked to select one of 15 colors, ranging from tame colors like white or black to wild colors like pink and lime green and everything in between. We stuck with Indy Red to match our stock bodywork color.

Our next job was to select what accent style we wanted in the center of the wheel. Here there are four styles to choose from, including a solid color with no accents. Finally, we were asked what we wanted our rim edge to look like; you can choose from a bullet-hole look, a line or no accent at all. During the process you can select back and forth between close-up views of the wheel or the wheel mounted on your rig. How cool is that?

As you choose, the website automatically calculates the price of each wheel, so you can see just what you are dealing with as it happens. The 12-inch Polaris wheels we custom built totaled to $101 per wheel. Shipping charges start as low as $20. The complete design and ordering process only takes about two minutes. But, you can spend as long as you want viewing what each style and model wheel looks like on your ATV. There is no charge for browsing.


Once your order is placed, the wheels are built and shipped right to your door. Basically, they powdercoat the style of wheel you select, then reinsert it back into the CNC machine that made the wheel, and it shaves off paint in certain areas creating your unique look. Our order took just over a week to arrive (about the same time as it did to find a set of tires to mount on them).

In this case, we tried out the new EFX Moto 350 tire, an aggressive all-terrain tire that is nondirectional. It has a tough six-ply rating and prices start at $86 per tire. The Moto 350 has an aggressive lug pattern, more than we could ever ask for, except for serious mudding. Not only are the traction lugs grippy, the sidewall traction is just as aggressive, thanks to lugs that wrap from the top over to the side.


This tire and wheel package worked awesome on our RZR XP 900. The No Limit Wheels really stand out over stock equipment. The tires mounted on the wheels without trouble, and the wheels bolted up to the Polaris hubs quickly and easily.

We took the newly shoed RZR XP back out to our secret desert test track and put them through some abuse. The paint and aluminum construction of the wheel held up well even to our abuse. We purposely slid through rocks and railed through deep sand turns trying to cause the wheels grief. They held up tough and look almost brand new, even after a full Dirt Wheels test session.

At around $100, getting a total custom wheel that you can design step by step is getting your money’s worth. With No Limit Wheels, you really can have it your way. Contact No Limit Wheels at (888) 848-8024, or better yet, spend some time building your next set of wheels at To check out the complete selection

of EFX tires, log on to q
The advantage you get when buying a set of dubs from No Limit Wheels is that you have a ton of different color and design choices to select from. Plus, you can see exactly how each wheel looks on your machine by using their interactive website.
We choose an Indy Red wheel to go along with the stock color of our RZR XP. For the test, we outfitted the custom No Limit Wheels with EFX Moto 350 tires. They provided sand-paper-like traction that was night-and-day better than the tires that come stock on the XP.
Not only are the amount of color and style combinations unbelievable, the quality and strength of the wheel is as good as any other wheel on the market.

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