— Tons of tread that’ll last a long time at a good price —

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Ryan Anderson helped test the Victory on our Polaris RZR XP 4 1000. The heavy tires didn’t hinder the handling much.

Tire testing never ceases at Dirt Wheels! Chaparral’s house brand Ocelot Racing has a vast selection of tires for UTVs and ATVs. The Ocelot line includes these new TG Victory tires. We picked up a set of 30×10-14, which is a standard replacement size for desert dwellers on sport performance UTVs like our Polaris RZR XP 4 1000.


The Victory tire is no lightweight. When we first installed them, we figured they must be 10-ply-rated since they outweighed the stock 29-inch Maxxis Big Horns by multiple pounds. The reality of this tire is that it is six-ply-rated. The tread pattern is non-directional and has a very large surface area with meaty lugs. The weight comes from the lugs. The top of the tire has more of a flat profile that extends to the outside lugs. There is good spacing between the tread blocks that allows for mud clean-out, but this tire is a desert/rock terrain tire through and through.

This tire has a lot of tread and a long tread life. It is a little stiff, so it can last even longer.


It’s hard for us to imagine this is only a six-ply tire. We put it through a lot of abuse, and it didn’t even come close to getting a flat. The tread blocks protect the tire from punctures, but the sidewall can still be cut if you slide into sharp rocks. After miles of abuse, only the center section of the tire showed wear, and there wasn’t much.

We lowered the air pressure down far lower than you should just to see if we could damage the TG Victory and we had no luck. The low pressure did help the tire flex more since it is naturally stiff. The toughness of the Ocelot TG Victory tire is something we enjoy. We would like to see Ocelot trim down the side lugs. If this tire had a little bit more rounded profile and was lighter, it would be that much better while cornering. This isn’t to say they aren’t worth the pennies, though. The durability, long-lasting tread life and traction you get on rocky and hard-packed surfaces make this a solid choice in a desert tire. The edge bite in corners and ruts is strong, and the added inch of tire height helped the RZR roll over obstacles easier too.


The Ocelot Racing TG Victory tire is a good buy. It has a few downfalls with the weight and sidewall lugs, which are a bit too big and make it want to grab in places you don’t want it to. However, the upside is a strong, durable desert tire that tracks well and lasts a long time! You can get them in these sizes: 26×9-12, 26×11-12, 29×9-14, 29×11-14, and 30×10-14. The price range goes from $99.95–$142.98. Go to www.chaparral-racing.com to check out the whole Ocelot tire range!

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