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Overpass is available for download on any modern gaming console or your PC for $39.95. We got hooked playing it on the X Box 1. The only thing that takes some getting used to is how precise of a driver you have to be to make it over the tough obstacles; just like in real life.


Over the years there has been a handful of off-road racing games—some good and some not so much. However, they all had one thing in common—the style of racing.

For the most part, games like ATV Off-Road Fury or Forza off-road, rally, stadium, MX, and desert or endurance courses.

Overpass is a different style of race pace. All of the tracks are slow and technical. We describe it as a mix of King of the Hammers, Bounty Hole hill-climb, and EnduroCross.

Players are able to take on the game’s terrain-based challenges with a fleet of real-world UTVs or ATVs. They need to master these vehicles to dominate the meticulously planned levels filled with both natural and man-made obstacles, like hills, rocks, logs, cliffs, pipes, seesaws, and, of course, mud!

In total, there are six different venues and 43 different tracks. Tracks are categorized as either a hill-climb or obstacle course, and both present unique and realistic challenges.

To start the game, you choose between an ATV or a UTV. For ATVs, they have the old Arctic Cat 450 Sport 4×4, Suzuki KingQuad 750, and Z400. They also have a Yamaha Raptor and Grizzly 700s, and the brand-new Polaris Sportsman and Scrambler XP 1000s. UTVs are from Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Yamaha.

The makers did an excellent job portraying each machine from the way it acts on the trail down to the tire patterns.

Both, the hill climbs and obstacle courses present their own unique challenges. Furthermore changing between different cars or quads, makes it a whole new experience all the way down to the specific and correct tread pattern the vehicles use.



The game itself takes a little getting used to. Rarely do you just pin it and head down the track. In many cases, slower is better. On the hill-climbs especially, traction is super important. Dirt-covered rocks are the most slippery, and virtual tire smoke proves it.

The name of the game is picking lines just like in real life, and the UTVs do perform as you would expect in most situations. Furthermore, there is a very accurate turning sensation where the machine pushes in front diff-lock and turns sharper in standard 4WD. The machine will slide and corner even sharper in 2WD, and you can change those drive modes on the fly.

Flat tires and broken axles also affect the way the car handles, but, like in real life, you have to keep going to the finish line. Like most modern games, you are scored against other players and have a worldwide ranking. Racing can be done solo or against someone on the same console via split-screen, also for time. We are still working on getting our times down to a respectable level.

Overpass is available for PC via the Epic Games Store and for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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