Heads-up display while being out of the way By the staff of Dirt Wheels

We installed the motorcycle handlebar mount on a Flexx Handlebar from Fasst Co. on our Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450. For this test we rode for an entire weekend, covering over 200 miles, and the mount held strong.

Putting our riding gear on (with no pockets) used to be an escape from the world and technology, at least for a few hours. That reality is sadly going away. But, there are some great things about being connected that you can take advantage of. Of course, being able to be tracked and reached by loved ones is one, and using smartphone apps for navigation is another that we rely on regularly. Until recently, though, finding a way to carry a smartphone on an ATV has been a little tough, but Peak Design is changing that.


This company has a full complement of travel bags, camera gear and other electronic accessories, like the motorcycle bar mount. This mount is $69.95 and is made to clamp on 7/8- up to 1.25-inch handlebars, so you should be able to find a spot on any 7/8-inch utility-type handlebar or 1 1/8-inch “fat” bar. You can read more about the selection of products they have here: The unique arm connected to the SlimLink attachment point allows you to mount it to any empty spot on your bar and position it in the middle or elsewhere if you wish.

The clamp is only about 3/4 inches wide, so it doesn’t take up much room. Both the clamp and arm are made of anodized aluminum that is black in color. According to Peak Design, a built-in vibration isolator will protect your phone’s internal hardware.

The adjustable arm and clamp shims allow us to use the mount on almost every ATV we test. The phone might not fit perfectly centered on some machines with light pods, but it will be quickly accessible and secure.


For this test we bolted the clamp onto the main lower bar on a Flexx handlebar using the 1 1/8-inch sleeve supplied with the mount. The clamp fits snugly and uses the supplied Allen wrench to fasten it there. To attach your phone to the mount, you also have to use their $19 universal stick-on adapter or the Peak Design Everyday case at $39.95. We chose to use the Everyday case on an iPhone 11 Pro. It’s a very slim profile case that looks like it will protect the phone somewhat if it’s dropped. Hopefully it doesn’t get dropped.

Moving your phone from your hand to the mount is easy. All you have to do is center the phone near the mount, and the magnet moves it exactly where it needs to go and then it clicks into place. There is a back-up spring mechanism that holds it there in addition to magnetic force.

We rode a solid weekend in the desert for over 200 miles, and the phone stayed put perfectly on our QuadRacer. At speed, the phone is too small to actually concentrate on, but a quick glance down to look at a map or to see if a phone call was important enough to answer was easy. Disconnecting the phone from the mount was just as easy. Even with gloves, on all you have to do is press a small button behind the phone case and it releases quickly, but the magnetic force keeps it from falling if you don’t grab it quick enough.

The slim Everyday case uses a small, recessed square hole to secure itself to the motorcycle mount. When in your pocket or hand, the square is not even noticeable. To get one, visit


We were very impressed with the ease of installation and use of Peak Design’s motorcycle handlebar mount and iPhone case. Until they improve on it or someone else does, it will be our go-to. For us, bringing a phone along on a trail ride is required so that we can bring you fresh social media content. Peak Design just made that part of the job a little bit easier. Connect with Peak Design at or through your smartphone at (415) 801-0250.

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