There are many different tires on the market, and choosing what will work best for you is no simple feat. Fortunately, we can help take the hard work out of the task and do the research for you. We don’t just test tires from the bigger companies; we go after the smaller brands that might just offer a great tire at a competitive price. Enter Pit Bull and their Fang Sport ATV tires!


The lug design isn’t just for looks; it was specifically created to gain more traction and wear slower.



Pit Bull’s Fang Sport ATV tires are designed to be tough and durable. They utilize Pit Bull’s Fang technology, which wraps the lugs down the side wall and shoulders for more strength and traction, and they use a staggered lug design to reduce drag. The rear tires have thick side walls to reduce the chance of getting a puncture, while the knobs on top provide grip and a strong bite. These tires were made for serious trail riding and racing.


Traction is the most important part of any tire; however, choosing what tire works best in the terrain you typically ride in is tricky. We discovered that these tires work well just about anywhere you choose to ride. Our test riders first tried their hand in the sand dunes where these tires performed well. They aren’t paddle tires, but they sent us up steep climbs without issue. Next, we tested in dry, hardpack terrain where the rears provided a controllable slide in corners that would hook up great and send us on our way in a hurry. The front tires bite well in corners and help pull the front end around, and most any direction you point them in will be the path you go towards. The Pit Bulls hook up very well through rocks, and they have a tall tread design that minimizes punctures.

Finally, we found some slick terrain to see how well the Fang tires could sink their teeth into. Muddy terrain is a weakness for most sport quad tires, and these are no different. The tires have spread-out lugs to allow water and mud to dissipate from the tread quickly, and that helps keep you from hydroplaning over puddles and provides some bite in the muck.


The rear tires allow your quad to slide controllably yet still get the traction you need out of corners, and they bite hard any direction you want to travel.



Pit Bull’s Fang Sport ATV tires are great at tackling any terrain you throw at them. They don’t do one thing very well, but they give you great traction on almost every terrain you can ride them on. The rear tires go for $103.13 apiece and come in one size of 20×11-9, while the front 21×7-10 tires are priced at $80.21 each. If you want a durable tire that lasts a while and has great traction, these are a fine choice. Go to www.pitbulltires.com or call (314) 621-8954 to order yourself a set.