Complete protection for your knees By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Protection is very important when it comes to riding. We always suggest wearing a helmet, chest protector, jersey, pants and riding boots. But, when it comes to knee protection, we’ve noticed a lot of riders are not wearing anything at all. ATV riders will sometimes wear knee and shin guards, but in the event of a crash, those guards won’t do much to reduce catastrophic knee damage. Most ATV riders don’t think that a knee brace is necessary, since their legs are not out like dirt bike riders are while riding. However, in the result of a crash, a set of knee braces will protect your knees. That’s why we picked up a set of the Pod knee braces to see how well they fit and how well they can protect.


The Pod K4 knee brace is a multi-sport brace, which means it can be worn in powersports, ball sports or even snow sports. The Pod braces are designed to work with your natural human motion and give you natural knee support. They are engineered with a rigid polymer frame that is strong and comfortable. Also, with the polymer frame, they are corrosion-resistant and water-safe. Weighing only 500 grams/1.1 pounds per brace, they’re lightweight. Each brace has a four-strap system that is numbered for order of closure to provide security. They fit a wide range of leg sizes using adjustable straps, hinge spacers and flexible cuffs. Soft, moisture-wicking interior padding is used for comfort.


The Pod knee braces help prevent hyperextension and rotational- and impact-related injuries. It has flexibility built into the cuffs that helps absorb rotational energy. Another great feature is the removable, full-floating patella that always covers the kneecap. An artificial ligament provides natural range of motion compared to mechanical hinges that other braces might have. They come with interchangeable lock inserts that include 0-to-30-degree adjustability and interchangeable interior knee pads that create a custom fit to any leg.


Our test rider had only ridden with knee braces for about 10 minutes back in 2007. He hated them so much that he quickly took them off. His gripe was that they were too bulky and felt that it put his legs out too wide from the quad. We had him suit up with the $549.95 Pod K4 knee braces after a quick tutorial on how to adjust them for his legs. After that we went for a spin on sport quads. We rode for about an hour straight with zero issues with the knee braces sliding down or being uncomfortable. After we stopped, that same test rider was stoked on how well they felt compared to the pair he had tried on before. We felt the same way. The K4 braces felt very natural being on our legs, and we still had full range of motion. They felt lightweight and secure with the multiple straps that were included. In fact, they were so comfortable that we went and raced with them that same week. An added bonus of wearing knee braces is that it helps you grip the side of the ATV better since they make your legs a little wider. Luckily, we didn’t get the chance to do a crash test on them, and we hope we won’t have to, either. However, in the case that we do one day, we can rest easy knowing that the Pod K4 knee braces will protect us. For more info visit

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