q Let’s face it, flat tires are a pain in the you know what! They are even more frustrating when you don’t have the proper tools to change or fix them out on the trail. Pro Armor has a new product that can not only help you change a tire but gives you a solid platform to carry a spare on some ATVs and all UTVs.

One of the benefits of the larger UTVs is that they have room to carry a spare tire in their cargo box. Unfortunately, these larger machines get more flat tires than a standard ATV does, due to their heavier overall weight.


Costing $179.99, the Pro Armor QuickShot is a triangle-shaped steel tubing platform that uses ratchet straps to hold your spare tire and bolts to your vehicle. The steel base also has rubber clamps to hold other tools, like flashlights, shovels, fishing poles, rifles and other necessities. A steel scissor jack, like one you would find in a small compact car, is bolted to the base. You supply the spare tire.

Pro Armor supplies strong mounting tabs that you install in the bed of your UTV. The QuickShot can also be mounted on your trailer to fix that roadside flat in a hurry. We installed our QuickShot in the back of our latest project Polaris Ranger machine and used a stock Polaris tire/wheel as the spare. The upright mount, like the one we used, costs an extra $20. This set utilizes the Polaris Lock & Ride holes and rubber-plunger fasteners  (sold seprately) that are found on the Ranger’s bed sides.


 Pro Armor’s system mounted easily and securely to the Ranger’s cargo bed floor and the left bed side. We mounted it on the driver’s side because we tend to favor that side anyway when driving through heavy brush. We don’t want to risk scratching our tools or rifles that now rest right above the driver’s bed side.

The scissor jack removes quickly from its mount and provides a solid platform even on uneven ground. The jack takes very little effort to deploy  and cranks tall enough to lift each corner of our Ranger completely off the ground. From there, tire changes are a snap.

Mounted in the Ranger, the tire carrier system works well enough to carry fully inflated tires at least 30 inches tall and flat tires as well. On tests where we bring multiple UTVs, we used to carry a small hydraulic bottle jack. They are heavy and usually end up bouncing around in a cargo box somewhere and leaking. The Pro Armor QuickShot is the most convenient, fail-proof way we have seen to carry a jack or spare tire and has just made our job easier. To make your life out on the trial, on the road, or even in the shop better, give Pro Armor a call at (888) 312-7667 or visit their online store at Tell them Dirt Wheels sent ya. q
Not only is the Pro Armor QuickShot a handy way to mount and carry a spare tire, it doubles as a jack platform for the supplied scissor jack. The best position we have found to raise the Ranger up is on the side of the machine closest to the front or rear tire.
Our Pro Armor product mounted vertically with help from the Polaris Lock & Ride feature found on the bed side of our Polaris Ranger XP. We also had to drill two holes in the Ranger’s bed to install mounting hooks for the ratchet straps.
We used the supplied accessory clamps to haul a flashlight, and a PVC pipe that held small-stream fishing poles. We have also used the clamps to carry rifles.

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