q If you know anything about hopped-up pickup trucks, then you’ve heard the name Pro Comp before. Pro Comp has been selling aftermarket components in the off-road truck market for decades. They offer an extensive line of shocks, lift kits, wheels and tires for most brand trucks on or off the road.

For the ATV/UTV industry, Pro Comp’s first product to be launched is the Xtreme Trax radial tire. These aggressive tires are available for utility quads and UTVs in sizes 26×9-14 and 26x 11-14 and are priced at $109.11 and $114.85, respectively. That price is $15–$30 under the retail prices of similar tires offered at places like Discount Tire.

The Xtreme Trax tire is a six-ply-rated radial with 25mm knobbs. This is not just a scaled-down version of one of Pro Comp’s truck tires; in fact, the Xtreme Trax tire is more aggressive than anything else they offer.

On our Rhino, the radial tire gave a comfortable ride with very little side roll or flex around corners at any speed. Traction for climbing loose dirt, slippery rocks or navigating sand washes was excellent. Even when crossing deep mud, the Xtreme Trax tires had great bite and cleaned out. To rate if a tire is any good or not, Dirt Wheels not only looks at traction, but more importantly we want to be sure the tire is strong. During this test, we clawed through miles of sharp rocks and over downed tree branches without a single failure. To say the least, we were very impressed.

Even though this is a directional tire, its all-around performance is as good as a non-directional tire, like the Maxxis Big Horn or ITP Terra Cross. The tread pattern is more neutral and not aimed in a V-shaped pattern, which makes it great under braking as well. V-pattern knobbies do not stop as well as a non-directional. At just over $100 each, the Pro Comp Xtreme Trax tire works as good as any comparable tire we have ever tested on the Rhino. Using 26×9-14 on all four corners was perfect. The wide, 11-inch tire should be reserved to big-bore 4x4s and UTVs, like the RZR XP 900 and Wildcat 1000. To make a Pro Comp tire order, call them directly at (800) 830-3377 or visit them online at q
Pro Comp’s Xtreme Trax tire is available in 26×9-14 and 26×11-14 sizes. For the Rhino, we installed the narrow sizes on all four corners and were very happy with the setup.
The Xtreme Trax UTV is not just a scaled-down version of Pro Comp’s truck tires; it’s actually the most aggressive tire they sell. At $109 and $115, they are aggressively priced as well.

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