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By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Beast has big wheels and a steel plate on the bottom to stop it from sinking in sand. There are two different-sized adjustable extensions you can purchase.


Whoever told manufacturers that they wanted more suspension travel, greater power output, and enhanced handling performance is all right with us! However, working on these new machines is difficult when a standard floor jack can’t lift the tires off the ground. We have tried woodblocks, forklifts, and more strange ways to get the tires of a UTV off the ground to change them or work on the suspension and axles.

Now, imagine you are out camping or at the racetrack and have to lift a UTV in the sand or loose dirt, and a standard floor jack just sinks and fails to get the wheels up. Pro Eagle was tired of dealing with those issues and created The Beast. 

Pro Eagle’s extensions connect to the jack base plate. There are tabs that the extension can connect to. The grab handles are a nice addition.



The Beast is a 2-ton-rated, big-wheel off-road jack. The construction of this jack is mainly made of steel and aluminum, so durability is the name of its game. The big composite wheels allow you to drag it easily through dirt or around the shop without a zip-tie halting its momentum. Solid straight axles are utilized, and sealed ball bearings come on all four wheels. Attached to the jack are 1/4-inch aluminum side plates with carrying handles. 

Pro Eagle designed a steel bottom skid plate onto The Beast. This allows the jack to not sink deep into the sand while you are utilizing it. The lift base of the jack has tabs that let you mount the Pro Eagle 8-inch-adjustable jack extension onto it. There is a built-in holder for the extension on the jack. The overall lift height is 2 feet, 2 inches. If your UTV needs more lift than that, Pro Eagle offers a taller 15-inch adjustable extension. 



Dragging around The Beast by the detachable aluminum handle is easy, and the handle has soft padding around part of it. The handle can be taken apart into two pieces, and there is an available mount for it. Weighing in at 52 pounds, The Beast isn’t light by any means, but the two built-in handles on the sides make it easier to lift.

When rolling through the sand and dirt, we were surprised it didn’t struggle to get through it. The downside to the big wheels is that they don’t swivel on asphalt and concrete, so making turns isn’t that smooth and easy. That’s a very small price to pay for how convenient it is to have a tall floor jack that can go through the elements.

Lifting our long-travel UTVs is much easier now. Pro Eagle sent us their taller adjustable extension for The Beast, and we found it helps with 72-inch-wide UTVs a lot. The tops of the extensions have rubber pads built into them. The Beast does take a bit of cranking to lift the UTVs up to the height we want, but it can handle a ton of weight.

This is now one of our favorite tools and worth every penny of the $409.99 you will be spending. It is durable, long-lasting, and we will get a lot of use out of it. Go to or call  (310) 513-8222 to order your own jack, check out their other impressive jack models, and tons of accessories.

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