PRODUCT EVALUATION: PURE ATV VIDEO GAME; One of the best ATV video games ever

Besides the awesome graphics, the gameplay in Pure is pretty similar to how a ‘real world’ ATV handles. The major difference is that you won’t be reeling off 1000-foot jumps and landing them without going directly to the morgue or hospital. Video games are good for that.

Pure is an extreme sport, off-road racing ATV video game from Disney’s Interactive Studios. It features massive aerial jumps and spectacular airborne tricks in a racing simulation that has the most photo-realistic locations we’ve ever seen.
Developed by Black Rock Studio, with the help of noted quad racer and film maker Wes Miller, Pure is available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console gaming systems. Using locations from all over the virtual world, this new racing game is one of the most gorgeous looking video racing games we’ve ever seen. It even recently won the title of best racing game at the Superbowl of ATV gamers E3.

In spite of the hype, we had heard that this new game had amazing graphics and realistic gameplay that had to be experienced to be believed. Skeptics that we are, we withheld judgement until we got our hands on a production copy of the game. Here is what we thought after playing the game for an extended test session.
It lives up to the hype. You have to experience it in its High Definition glory on a large screen plasma TV to get the full experience. The crew at Disney Interactive gets high marks from us for their attention to detail, on both the vehicles, and their add-on parts, to the terrain environments and the awesome sunset backgrounds.

Ocotillo Wells is one of the many areas represented on the Pure ATV game package. The graphics are amazing, especially in high definition TV mode.

A great feature of this game is how much latitude you get when customizing your quad for the various races and freestyle contests you engage in. The game allows the player to build and modify their own quad, using various frames, engine, wheels, tires, and other bolt-on products. You do have a limited choice of engine mods, with Dasa, Yoshimura, or FMF motor combos being available. We wouldn’t mind seeing a few more choices for pipes, engines and suspension.
You also get to chose a character to play in the game (male or female) and each comes with their own story. It would be nice if a future version let you modify and create your own character, but this is minor concern with the game as you become immediately immersed in its detail and great racing action.
Players get to take control of their ATV racer from a selection of characters, and then hit the multiple dirt tracks to take on computer opponents. You can also choose to go online and engage in fierce moto duels with up to 16-players, all racing against fellow humans.

Once you build up your ATV, you need to decide what type of racing you prefer to do. Will it be a freestyle quad or a racing quad? Different attributes help each model be more competitive in its chosen field. Once your ATV is ready to race, you need to pick what type of competition you’re looking for.
In Freestyle competition, your main goal is to attempt and land as many tricks as possible and build up your score. The more tricks you land, the more points you get. Innovation is the key here. Keep trying new tricks and you will unlock even newer ones.
This is the one area that the game does approach the unbelievable. You literally can defy the laws of physics and do “helicopter spins” in mid air, all while your machine plummets to earth from Nasa orbiter heights.
As you keep getting better and land more tricks, you build up your “boost.” As your boost gets higher, more tricks are made available to you to build up your score. You can also use “boost” for increasing your speed when approaching a big jump. Once your boost becomes full, you can try out unusual new tricks. These newer tricks are worth beaucoup points, but you need a bit more time to perform them, so make sure you’re on a big enough jump to get them in.
There are mud puddles, haybales, tires, and obstacles (including other riders) that you can slam into and bounce off of. The other riders will aggressively fight with you, especially on the higher levels of the game. The race action and freestyle jumps will keep you entertained for hours on end.

We really liked the gameplay and awesome HD visuals with Pure. It is easily the best-looking ATV video racing game ever. The race action is fun and the handling characteristics are amazingly similar to how a real world ATV handles. Of course, not many of us can do a Superman Helicopter from several hundred feet and land it with out going to the morgue or the hospital.
That is what makes playing Pure so much fun. We particularly liked the Ocotillo Wells sand location and races on this circuit. In HD mode, it actually does look a lot like the location we know. For a real kick, check out the race footage of your ride after each race. The camera angles are fantastic and the photo realistic look of the game will have you doing double takes—especially if you pull off one of those Superman Helicopter spins. Pure gets a five out of five stars on the Dirt Wheels ATV video game rating platform. Suggested retail price for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions is $59.99. See your local gaming store or log on to