Fantastic traction and Beadlock wheels By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This is certainly a great-looking tire and wheel combo. This is a tire that literally grabs at the earth. Flats should not be a problem.


Recently, we were planning some ATV adventures that would see us riding far from our home base and transportation. We needed a tire and wheel setup that would allow us to relax and not worry about flats derailing the trip. We opted for a Quad Lock Beadlock rim in size 14×7. The stock wheels were 12-inchers.

Mounted on the robust wheels would be 8-ply Quad Boss QBT446 26x9R14 front tires ($168.99 each) and QBT446 26x11R14 ($173.99) rear tires. That is a major change-up. The stock wheels are 12 inches, and the new tires are 14 inches. The stockers are 25-inch 4-ply, and the QBT446 tires are 26-inch 8-ply and an inch wider as well. When you consider that the new 8-ply tires are on Beadlock rims, you will know that you could ride this quad a long way with one or more flat tires without much trouble.


The Boss Lock wheels have a classy look being black with machined highlights. They are strong and lightweight for Beadlock wheels. Quad Boss shows its faith in the wheel with a lifetime warranty. Typically, companies will design greater offset into aftermarket wheels, reasoning that you want your machine to be wider. They are rated for 573 to 727 pounds. Prices range from $153.99 to $180.99. Lug nuts are not included.

The Quad Boss QBT446 tire has deep and nicely spaced tread blocks. The tire is not directional, and it wears very well.


Quad Boss’ QBT446 utility tire ($168.99 to $173.99 in our sizes) has a non-directional tread design that provides great traction on difficult terrain. Its ultra-durable, 8-ply radial carcass is extremely puncture-resistant, and a built-in rim guard protects wheels from trail damage. The aggressive lugs are 0.75 inches deep. The tire is available in a 25-inch that fits 12-inch rims. We were mightily impressed with the traction that these tires offered. We had a variety of terrain ranging from sand and loose, crumbly dirt to solid rock. In every case, the machine seemed glued to the earth. And after our rides, the tire looked brand new. We tested on a Suzuki KingQuad 750 with power steering.

They come is sizes ranging from 26 to 29 inches. We would gladly use the wheels and tires for any UTV and many 4×4 quads.


We have no complaints about the performance of the tires. The ride is quite good for an 8-ply tire on a relatively light machine. In sand washes where the smaller stock tires with less aggressive tread pushed and wandered, the QBT446 tires just bit and clawed through.

With the taller tread blocks, they could have wandered and felt loose on hard dirt and rock, but the tires stuck great there as well. It didn’t matter whether we were accelerating, turning, or braking, there was always ample, positive grip. We didn’t hit any mud but believe they would dig through that as well.

In addition to the actual traction, we felt no worry about flats. The tread blocks are close enough that it would be very hard for a rock to puncture or cut the tire in a head-on hit. And, the tread blocks are deep, so that helps as well.

In hindsight, we should have made a few different choices. While the larger tires literally offered more than enough traction, 25-inch QBT446 tires would have provided plenty of traction as well, and they would have been lighter.

For the specific trip and tasks we were planning for, the wheels made sense. A Beadlock rim is a powerful tool when you absolutely need to make it back to camp. We aren’t positive, but we suspect that the greater offset caused the only problems we had. We typically run the KingQuad in 4WD nearly all of the time.

With this tire and wheel combination, we could only use 4WD for straight climbs. We couldn’t simply drive the quad in 4WD. It darted all over. With all of the traction, it worked great in 2WD, so we ran 2WD and saved 4WD for when it was vital.


We feel certain that with 25-inch QBT446 tires on the stock 12-inch rims we would have been much happier. We would have had the traction and the flat resistance we were looking for. The same is true of the wide-range usability we experienced with the tire. We doubt that we would have had any issues with the steering, as the stock wheels are lighter and have almost zero offsets.

Suspension action would almost certainly have improved with the lighter combination as well. As a bonus, the smaller tires are a bit cheaper as well. We would not hesitate to use the tires on any quad or UTV, but for quads, we would stay closer to the stock tire dimension. The tires come in sizes from 25 to 29 inches, and we were impressed enough to even want to use them on powerful sport UTVs.

Quad Boss does not sell direct to the public, but you should be able to order Quad Boss tires and wheels from any dealer. For information, go to

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