Light, compact and strong enough for UTVs By the staff of Dirt Wheels




Recently, we flipped the axles on the Dirt Wheels 37-foot flatbed trailer to gain some ground clearance. More clearance and stiffer springs turned out to be just what we needed. The problem is that the higher deck rendered our ramps obsolete; they were just too short. Unfortunately, we tried to go the cheap route with some non-folding steel ramps. We basically wasted over $200 for ramps that weigh nearly 100 pounds each. Our lower backs finally demanded that we find a lighter, more portable ramp that would get the job done. After perusing some catalogs, we settled on QuadBoss’ folding, arched UTV ramps.





These ramps (part number 57-0088) come as a set of two for $513.99. Sure, that is a little pricey for ramps, but as soon as we used them, we realized it was money well spent. Each ramp is 18 inches wide and 88 inches long (or 7 feet, 4 inches). Stowing our non-folding steel ramps was always a problem, but the hinge in the middle folds the QuadBoss ramps easily, and they effortlessly fit sideways in the bed of a full-size pick-up. We fold ours and lay them in the truck bed right by the tailgate within easy reach.

The ramps are made in the USA from 6063-T5 aluminum that is robotically welded.

They have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. When the ramps are folded they lay flat, but when they are unfolded the hinged joint is higher, so the ramp has a natural arch that allows more frame clearance while loading machines. Each ramp has two, wide, thick aluminum tips that rest on the trailer deck and a single tie-down strap to hold the ramps in place for safety.





Lifting these ramps out of the truck bed (our gate won’t open with the trailer hitched to the truck) is easy since they are so light and compact. We position the ramps and hook the safety straps to loops on the back of the trailer and snug them up. At 18 inches wide, they are easy to hit with a UTV, and they rest solidly enough on the trailer to remain stable, even if the tires are not dead center on the ramp surface. Our trailer deck is over 3 feet high, but the ramps allow us to easily load four-seat machines.


Ever since we got the QuadBoss ramps we have been slapping our foreheads and shouting, “Doh!” over the money we wasted trying to cheap-out on ramps. It was silly to ruin our backs and risk our machines. We believe in quality tools and equipment, and we should have known better. The QuadBoss ramps have taken much of the sweat and annoyance out of loading machines. They make loading almost as easy as using a ramp gate without all the weight and wind drag. As valuable as the ramps are, we do worry about them going missing, so we typically cable-lock them into the truck bed if we park the rig. With its ladder-type construction, locking them up is easy. We worried that 88 inches would not be long enough for the height of our trailer, but so far we haven’t had one problem. Now, anybody want to buy some cheap steel ramps? QuadBoss ( does not sell direct to the public, but you should be able to order QuadBoss ramps from any dealer.

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