Loading it up for a test out on the trail

The rack bag fits well, but on some racks it may seem loose. It never came close to falling off.


It’s adventure time! 4×4 quads are the most purchased ATVs on the market for many different tasks. A lot of them are utilized working hard around the ranch or job site. The rest are employed for hunting, trail riding and adventuring. Quadboss is a company that offers aftermarket additions to your machine for all of the above. We recently picked up one of its $199.99 Reflective Series rear rack bags with an integrated cover. Once it arrived, we strapped it to our Suzuki KingQuad, filled it with cargo and set out for a fun ride.

The center cargo bin can be removed. There is reflective material around the whole rack bag.


This rack bag comes with many different features. For starters, there are three large cargo compartments that are weather-resistant and padded. The middle compartment is removable. On top of the side bags are shock cord that you can utilize to hold more items. The outsides of the side bags have sewn-on straps that allow you to attach more cargo. None of the compartments have zippers. Zippers are notoriously finicky when covered in dust or mud, so Velcro and buckles take care of the closure systems. Two drink holders suitable for closed drinks come attached to the bag. There is a pad that rests in front of the removable center cargo compartment, but it isn’t there to utilize for a passenger.

Each cargo bin has an inner and outer closure system to help keep mud, water and more out. They are deep bins with a lot of storage space.


The rack bag is constructed from a 600-denier polyester material that has reflective trim. The rack attachment straps are reinforced with Quadboss’ Box X stitching. The cargo lids are weatherproof to keep rain, dust, snow and mud out of the compartments. The dimensions of the rack bag are 36 inches long, 19 inches wide and 10 inches tall. Installing the bag takes a few minutes and is easy to do. Finally, once it is installed, there is a cover you can pull out that will cover the entire rack bag and stretch all the way around the front rack to cover the seat, bar and controls.


We installed the Quadboss bag on a 2019 Suzuki KingQuad 500. The straps didn’t seem to want to tighten and stay that way, but we continued with our test. Each compartment was filled to the top with tools, snacks, water and extra layers for the colder weather. We packed far more than we needed for a day ride, which goes to show that there is a ton of space!

There is a pull-out cover that extends over the whole cockpit area and over the front rack.


Our testing trails consisted of wide-open fire roads, tight woods trails, and very rough and rocky hill-climbs. The rack bag was checked once to see if it was tight on the rack. It had been a little loosened, but after hours of hard riding, it showed no signs of coming off the rack. It is designed to work with multiple rack set-ups so some will be tighter and some looser-fitted.

Another plus is that we barely felt the rack bag while riding. Sometimes the drink holders would give us a tickle if standing and leaning way back in technical or steep terrain. All in all, we give this bag a huge thumbs up, certainly with a price of only $199.99! Go to www.quadboss.com or call (877) 847-1558 to order and check out the rest of their line.

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