Easily adjustable mounts that can carry different sized devices

RAM Mount
This is our array of RAM Mounts (starting in the top left and going clockwise): the RAM Tough Claw, RAM X Grip large phone holder with ball, RAM twist-lock suction cup with a 1-inch ball, RAM strap hose-clamp ball base and RAM double-socket arm.

As more UTVs and ATVs come stock with GPS, it seems like the days are numbered for standalone GPS or phone-mounting systems. However, don’t write mounting systems off yet. RAM Mounts are a solid option for mounting your cell phone, GPS or tablet to your machine.

We received a practical mix of RAM Mounts to try. Our mix included a RAM strap hose-clamp ball base, RAM X Grip large phone holder with ball, RAM double-socket arm, RAM twist-lock suction cup with a 1-inch ball and RAM Tough Claw.

We tried every RAM Mounts variation over several rides. We used the RAM Tough Claw a bit less than the other two mounting options we had.

RAM Mount
The Tough Claw really is tough and is every bit as stable and rugged as the other RAM Mounts.


The ease of use and adjustability of the RAM Mounts are real standouts. The adjustments are nearly infinite. You use the double-socket arm to bridge the gap between the mount and the X Grip, and because a socket ball is used on both the mount (i.e., twist-lock suction cup, and the X Grip), you can twist and adjust it any which way.

We tried the RAM Mounts in a Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 Ultimate with Adventurer Collection. It features a fully enclosed cab with a front windshield. This RZR comes with an impressive GPS system, so we used RAM Mounts for our cell phone. We used the twist lock suction cup on the RZR because there really wasn’t a good spot on the roll cage to sneak the clamp through to attach the strap hose clamp. It was easy to adhere to the windshield and when the driver wanted to look at the phone; you loosen the double-socket arm and position the X Grip where you want it and then tighten (by hand) the double-socket arm. Just repeat the process to position it so the passenger can see the screen. It’s that quick and easy. Because it’s so easy to attach and remove, we moved it back and forth from our tow vehicle to the Polaris. The suction cup stayed attached as we bounced over rocks and other trail obstacles.

RAM Mount
This setup includes the strap hose-clamp ball base, X Grip and double-socket arm. Different sizes of the strap hose clamp and double-socket arm are available.

We used the strap hose-clamp ball base and Tough Claw on a Can-Am Commander DPS 1000. Again, easy to install. All we needed was a blade screwdriver to tighten the hose clamp. We put it on the upper bar of the roll cage. The hose clamp comes with a rubber sleeve to protect your roll cage or bumper, and the rubber sleeve keeps the clamp from slipping. Again, you use the double-socket arm to connect the X Grip to the clamp.

We put the Tough Claw on the passenger grab bar so that it was facing the driver. And like the other two mounts, you use the double-socket arm to connect the X Grip to the Claw. It’s easy to swap the X Grip between mounts.

And all three mounts and X Grip held our phone solidly. It stayed put no matter what kind of rough terrain we were riding.

If you have a windshield on your UTV, the RAM twist lock suction cup is the way to go. It provides a solid attachment for your cell phone or GPS, and can be easily moved from your tow vehicle to your UTV.


Not really. The double-socket arm we used is plenty long. Yeah, not a problem at all. The only sort of issue we had was trying not to hit it (and our cell phone) when getting in and out of the vehicle while wearing a helmet. They do sell a shorter arm.

We were hoping the twist-lock suction cup would work on the dash, but the mount won’t adhere to the plastic. We tried it on the RZR and Commander with the same results. That’s not really solely a RAM Mounts issue, though, as the suction cup that came with our GoPro won’t attach to plastic, either. The RZR had a glass windshield that worked great, and we could use the hose clamp on the Commander.

When you put your package together, you’ll need to decide which mounts will work best and if you’re going to use an X Grip or a system that will hold a tablet. There are lots of options.


We were very impressed with the sturdiness and adjustability of our RAM Mounts. It didn’t matter what mount we were using or the terrain we were crossing, our cell phone stayed solidly attached. Our double-socket arm, X Grip and twist-lock suction cup retail for about $75. For more options and prices, visit

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