— Testing this smart new workbench that connects to your trailer hitch:


— As off-road enthusiasts, we all know that when we get excited to ride we can end up breaking parts or taking out tires. We also like to spend time with the family with rides that involve camping out and cookouts. With not being able to take a lot of tools or cooking gear with us, it can be a real head-scratcher on what is more important to take. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that could provide options for both? Well, now there is a great tool that can handle both and ease that migraine—the RynoStand.

This is the heart of the RynoStand. The L-piece slides directly into the 2-inch receiver on your truck, ATV or UTV. The vertical piece offers two different heights by utilizing a standard hitch pin.



The patent-pending RynoStand utilizes the standard 2-inch receiver hitch of your UTV, ATV or tow vehicle and turns it into a mobile workstation. The pieces that come standard in every RynoStand kit are an L-piece that mounts into your hitch and a vertical section that sits inside the L.

There are several different attachments for the $399.99 RynoStand, and the company has plans to add more to their lineup. Current attachments include a vise plate where you can mount a chain vise or a standard bench vise, a pipe bender, $299.99 aluminum workbench/table with steel top for magnetizing, a wire caddy for electricians, and now a mount for a Harbor Freight mini-tire changer.

RynoStand’s patent-pending wedge system is a simple design that allows zero movement from the hitch. It’s as easy as tightening the top bolt, which forces the plate down and—boom!—no movement.


The best part about RynoStand is that it completely breaks down so you can place it securely in a locked toolbox, underneath your seats of your vehicle, or in the bed of your UTV or truck. RynoStand proudly makes their system in the USA. The L-piece, vertical section and mounting plates are made from 3/8-inch steel. The workbench is made from lightweight 3/8-inch aluminum with a 3/8-inch steel top.


This aluminum locking piece is another patent-pending RynoStand innovation. By tightening the Allen-head bolt into the vertical piece (or attachments), it removes any play from both pieces.



Our 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo needed a clutch upgrade from GBoost. With no vise on our truck and no heavy-duty table available, we knew the RynoStand would come in handy for the job. We also had RynoStand send out their mount for the $189.99 Harbor Freight mini-tire changer to help us mount up a set of AMS Pactrax tires on their spun sport ATV wheels.

Setting up the RynoStand only took us about five minutes or so, and we installed it into the hitch on our Ford truck. RynoStand features a cool patent-pending wedge system. At every point that the RynoStand sections insert into the hitch or into each other, the wedge devices take up the slop and creates zero movement. Along with that, the vertical piece has two inserts with Allen screws in the middle to snugly lock the vertical piece and attachments on top as a solid unit. The vertical piece is also height-adjustable by moving a standard hitch pin to two holes at different heights. These are great, because we wanted zero movement while changing the clutch parts and to work in a position that didn’t hurt our backs.


Rynostand offers different plates to mount a bench vise, chain vise or a pipe bender, and custom plates can be purchased for specific needs. The adjustable-height work surface was a dream to work with by putting the RZR clutch components at a comfortable height.


We installed our bench vise onto the RynoStand and locked it tight with the top Allen bolt. We performed our clutch removal and then switched to the RynoStand work table to set the clutch parts and tools on. It was a dream to use, and we didn’t lose any bolts on the ground! Last thing we did on the clutch was put the vise back on and finish putting it back together with the new GBoost springs.

Next we installed the AMS tires onto their spun-aluminum wheels. We installed the mini tire changer, and it seemed, at first, to be too low. But after we started installing the rear tires onto the wheels, it was a great height for installing tires. When it came to mounting the front tires, however, the opening of the wheel was too large for the mini tire changer to hold, but we just dropped it all the way through and got it to work great. It would have worked fine with 4×4 wheels and tires.


We all know installing tires onto rims on the ground can be a literal pain in the back. RynoStand started to offer a solution by utilizing the Mini Tire Changer from Harbor Freight. No more broken backs for us with the RynoStand!



The RynoStand was a dream to work with, and the fact that you can completely break it down to fit in a smaller area and have zero movement is a great thing. We’re excited to start using it on the trail, and it will come in handy when camping, so we can tailgate off the back of our UTVs or ATVs with the workbench. For more information or to see what new attachments have been added to the lineup, visit www.rynostand.com.

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