— A safe engine is a happy engine, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

The WORCS race we competed in turned into a dust cloud. We were fortunate to have the Particle Separator installed. Our filter was almost clean after a 45-minute race.

Our race-project YXZ1000R SS is subjected to some pretty intense, dusty environments. We recently entered a Dirt Series motocross race in SoCal, and it became a dusty mess. After checking out our air filter, it was apparent that we needed a product to keep the filter clean longer. The brainiacs at S&B Filters put their minds together to produce a product that would cut down on harmful dust particles that enter UTV intakes. They’re experts in filtration, as they build some very nice air intakes and air filters for autos and trucks.

Borrowed from the world of helicopters, S&B uses the same technology that reduces dust particles in a helicopter’s intake system when landing a chopper in the dust. That technology is a particle separator, and for S&B, this was the motivation they needed to make one for the UTV world.

S&B’s UTV Particle Separator works very simply—dirt enters the front, the electric fan pulls it in and then thrusts it out the back of the unit. This keeps your filter clean for more clean air!


The $399 S&B Particle Separator is a godsend for dusty environments. Dirty air enters the vortex tubes, and then the vortex tubes separate the dirt from the air. Dirt is then blown out the back of the separator and clean air goes to the regular air filter. According to S&B, after multiple tests in harsh, dusty desert conditions, the Particle Separator ejects 94 percent of the dust before it reaches the YXZ air filter. Not only does it keep the filter clean, it keeps harmful particles out of the engine and lets the UTV run properly.

Another cool feature is that it creates more airflow. Once installed on the upper roll bar, the Particle Separator provides forced air to the engine, much like a hood scoop for a car. With the additional airflow, the YXZ will maintain the highest level of performance in horsepower and fuel economy.


It was an easy install for our YXZ. We mounted the Particle Separator to the Houser Racing cage’s harness bar located directly behind the seats and centered it there. The wiring harness was simple to get power to, as it’s provided with a negative and positive lead for the battery. The toughest part to install was the outlet between the air-filter cage and between the center of the seats inside the cab. Other than that, the install was quick and easy. The Particle Separator only draws 3.1 amps, which the YXZ battery and every other UTV battery can handle easily. It did add an additional 16 pounds, but the weight doesn’t bother us or outweigh the fact that the Particle Separator is protecting the engine.

It was test time, and the venue was a WORCS race at Glen Helen with heat and dry and dusty conditions. We hard-wired the Particle Separator to the battery so it runs as soon as the key is turned on, and it creates a cool sound from the large electric fan inside. Once the engine is running, it’s tough to hear the fan making noise. We ran the Production 1000 class on Saturday and the Stock 1000 class on Sunday. Each race is 45 minutes long and features the Glen Helen MX tracks and some desert-type sections, all of which started out muddy but ended in a plume of dust. The YXZ performed flawlessly, but it did have a small mechanical failure with a fuel issue on Sunday’s race. We finally had a chance to check out the air filter after the weekend’s conclusion. Besides a minor bit of dust, the air filter was clean as a whistle! We were very impressed with how well the Particle Separator kept our air filter clean and our engine safe. It’s safe to say that if we build another race car, it will have the S&B Particle Separator installed!

For more information on any of S&B’s parts or accessories, visit their website at www.sbfilters.com or call (909) 947-0015.

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