Testing a locking brake for your UTV

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This is the compact little Scorpion Lok installed on a RZR. This is with it in the locked positions.


Frankly, we hadn’t thought much about our Polaris RZR not having a parking brake. It has park in the transmission after all. But, after talking to the Scorpion Lok guy, we realized that we might not have to deal with that horrendous clunk when shifting from park while parked on a slope.


The Scorpion Lok is simple in concept, but it is a precision-made little product. In simplest terms, it is a spring-loaded hook that mounts to the firewall of a UTV. You left-foot depress the brake pedal and use the toe of your right shoe to engage the hook. It holds the car firmly in place using the car’s own brake system. You just make sure that you engage the Scorpion Lok before you put the transmission in park. No matter how steep the grade you are parked on, our RZR shifts easily into gear with no mechanical clunking. Step on the brake pedal and the Scorpion Lok releases.

We wondered if it would be a gimmick, or if it would get in the way shifting our foot from throttle to brake or vice versa. It works great, is never in the way and we love it. We got the regular Scorpion that runs $89.99. But, the company also offers a Scorpion Lok for $115.

Both lock the brakes, but the Scorpion Lok has a key that locks the Scorpion Lok. You can lock the car up for security when you park it! What a great idea.



We started the install thinking it would be the easiest install ever. The stock nuts came off easily and quickly, and the instructions look easy. The top bracket is slotted so it is easy, but you have to get the nut on the bottom started. It is really tight work inside the foot well of the machine. Once we finally got the nut started, the rest of the install was pretty painless. You will need to use an open-end wrench, and you only get one flat at a time, but it still goes pretty quickly.


We are definite fans of this product. It helps when hauling the car, but it makes parking on a hill much less stressful. We would recommend getting the locking version if it is available for your machine. It would be handy when you want to stop and leave the machine briefly. Scorpion Lok sells direct and through dealers. See or call (702) 265-4822.

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