PRODUCT EVALUATION: SDG Replacement Seats; An excellent seat for your sport quad

We ordered up an SDG replacement seat for our Honda 450R and it fit and felt superb. These seats rock.

When it comes to your ATV’s saddle, it can be one of the most important ingredients in your sport quad’s overall comfort formula. A hard, low saddle can make for an uncomfortable machine for the trail or track, as well as transform an excellent handling quad into a harsh, tail-beating bruiser.


The gents at SDG USA are offering a replacement sport seat for the Yamaha YFZ450 and Honda 450R. This is one of the most stylish and comfortable replacement seats we have ever ridden on.
To accomplish this amazing feat, the hot shot designers at SDG have developed three different versions to fit a wide variety of rider styles and needs. Not just a replacement seat cover, or foam, that you have to tack to an existing seat base, the SDG replacement seats are complete, from the base unit to the foam and seat cover.
SDG seats are available in three different foam types. Standard is a direct replacement for the stock OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) product. A Tall version is 2.5 inches taller than stock, for riders who need more leg room, and an easier transition from sitting to standing. And there’s a Step model, with an added step up at the rear of the seat that helps to hold the rider in place under hard acceleration.
The seats use a closed cell foam design that resists water absorption and foam breakdown. The dual stage seat covers not only look great, but they have been triple stitched seams for durability. The nylon composite bases on the SDG seats are also lighter and stronger than most stock OEM units. Best of all, the SDG seats sell for a reasonable price.

We ordered one of SDG’s stock OEM replacement seats for our Honda 450R and slipped it right on. While this unit utilizes the same stock shape and measurements of the OEM unit, it feels and looks much better, we feel.
Everywhere we went, the SDG seat got rave reviews from riders who saw it on our test machine. The feel is great and the closed cell foam on the SDG seat is much more comfortable than the stocker.
If you’re like us, you don’t want to have to send in your stock seat base and wait for someone to re-cover it, refoam it, and then have it sent back, with a lot of ugly staples sticking out of the old seat base. This is an excellent replacement for your beater old seat, and the fit, feel, and action are first rate. Prices are also very reasonable, with the stock SDG OEM replacement seat selling for $169.95, the Tall version going for $179.99, and the Step version going for $189.99.
Seats are available for Honda 450R’s (’02-’09 models) and Yamaha YFZ’s (’02-’09 models). For more information, contact SDG at (800) 743-3734 or go to

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