Like a leather jacket for your shocks

PRODUCT EVALUATION by the staff of Dirt Wheels

ProSeries Coil Savers come in two sizes, and we got a pair of each size. The larger size for the rear and the smaller size upfront.


One of the beauties of modern sport UTVs is those big, beefy, and macho-looking shocks. Part of the cool factor is how those shocks are right at the corners of the machine, out in the elements, and right in the face of buddies with lesser machines and wimpy shocks. The drawback is that those expensive shocks are right where they get ripped by roost, pelted with pebbles, and mauled by mud. Alas, what to do? Seek out SealSavers’ ProSeries Coil Savers.



SealSavers has had Coil Savers for years. They wrap around the shock spring of an ATV or UTV shock. They protect the critical shock shaft finish from dents, dings, and roost. Those regular Coil Savers are made of a product something like thin wetsuit material. They worked exactly as advertised, but the material cracked after weather exposure. One of our editors raced a nasty mud race on a Polaris Scrambler, and the Coil Savers did a masterful job protecting the shocks, but the Coil Savers were done for after one desert race in nasty Utah mud.

Considering that they saved the shocks from almost certain disaster, we are okay with the one-race lifespan, but now there are options. The new ProSeries Coil Saver line features the same wrap-on and Velcro-closed design and a somewhat stretchy fit. The ProSeries Coil Savers are made out of more durable FlexPower material. FlexPower is more weather-resistant as well as more flexible, so it is less susceptible to developing cracks.

The ProSeries Coil Savers are available in 2.0 inches to 3.0 inches for sport UTV front shocks and 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches for large UTV rear shocks. There is plenty of heavy-duty Velcro that allows you to go smaller or larger based on the coil diameter. They are designed to protect the inner shaft from rocks and debris, preventing divots and pits in the shaft. You can run them with only an inch or two of the Velcro connecting and not have any concern with the Coil Saver coming off. You want the Coil Savers to be snug, but not so tight that the material pulls into the coils. ProSeries Coil Savers are only available in black and come as a set of two for $39.95 or a set of four for $69.95.

When installed, they are very clean. They go on in seconds and hold up well. They don’t cover the shock, and we didn’t detect any shock fade or added heat.


Once the installation on a Honda Talon X was complete, we headed off looking for abuse. We found water, mud, and roost, but no mud-like our editor encountered in Utah. Nevertheless, after two long riding days, these ProSeries Coil Savers look brand new. They have been in the weather for a few weeks, and there are no cracks showing up, either. If you race or spend any time riding in groups where you could get roosted by other machines, or there is a lot of mud in your area, ProSeries Coil Savers are worth the cash! Call (951) 757-0458, or go to to order or for more information.

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