Innovation in ratchet tie-downs By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Most states in our great country don’t allow us to drive our awesome dirt toys on the streets. That means a lot of hauling is required, which also means tie-downs are involved. We’ve tried many different types of tie-downs with varying results. Dirt and mud can clog up ratcheting systems, as some straps aren’t weather-resistant, so their material becomes hardened and difficult to use, and oftentimes we run into issues where straps become loose while traveling. We had the good fortune of running across ShockStrap. They have a unique design that helps their tie-downs keep constant tension while holding down our machines.


The ratcheting ShockStrap has a lot of great features. To start, their patented ShockStrap system incorporates two elastomer straps that are bolted together in line with the 2-inch black polyester webbed straps. This system lets you tie your machine down, and when it moves on the trailer, the ShockStraps will stretch with the movement and help keep constant tension. There is a safety strap that is built in, just in case the ShockStrap elastomer system fails, so your tie-down will stay connected.

At each end of the ratchet tie-down are dual zinc-coated metal hooks that are wear- and weather-resistant. There are also soft straps built into the ShockStrap, so you can have more options to tie machines down. The polyester webbing is soft and weather-resistant.


The whole ratchet safety strap has a 1,533-pound load limit, but the polyester webbing has a 5000-pound breaking strength. The ratcheting system works very well. The operation is smooth, and the ratchet easily releases. The system works well even when wearing gloves. The ratchet is bolted on the tie-down, so if it fails, you can easily replace it. Fortunately, each safety strap has a two-year warranty. You can purchase the ratchet safety strap for $39.99 in a 9-foot length. They are also offered in an 18- or 32-foot length. The company also offers non-ratchet tie-downs with their ShockStrap system. For more information on ShockStraps, go to or call (888) 334-3456.

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