— Top of the line riding gear test, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

The Optica gear set is very comfortable for warm-weather riding. If you want to wear it year round, it’s smart to layer up underneath.



The Optica gear set is better suited for warm months since it is heavily vented and made of lightweight materials. There are vented mesh panels on the front and rear of this jersey, so cooling air can pass through it easily. The tail of the Optica jersey is long so it won’t come out of the pants easily, and it keeps the jersey in the proper position during hard riding. The collar is compatible with neck brace systems, and the sublimation process keeps the color from fading. The sleeves of the Optica jersey are tailored raglan, and the cuffs are comfortable around your wrists. Sizing starts at small and ends at XXL at a starting price of $39.99.

The gear set is designed to fit well and still be stretchable enough to handle aggressive riding.


Just like the Optica jersey, the gloves have Shot’s never-fading color sublimation process so the print will last a very long time. There is a lot of technology packed into these gloves. The thumbs are made of Lycra that can stretch and articulate easily, and the thumb is reinforced for durability. Shot utilizes their Liteprene cuff that is adjustable via Velcro wrist closures. Some of our test riders prefer the adjustable cuff because it can provide a more sure fit.

The top of the Optica gloves is made of a 3D vented mesh material that allows air to easily pass through it and keep your hands from sweating too much while you tackle trails. Last, Shot includes silicone finger prints, as well as palm prints, to help you grip your bar and levers easily. Sizing starts from small up to XXL, and the starting price on these gloves is $29.99.


Shot Race Gear’s claim to fame with these pants is its light weight. A size-32 pants comes in at 650 grams! We don’t know if that is the lightest pants in the business, but it is certainly quite comfortable and doesn’t weigh us down. What we mainly notice while wearing these pants is how much it stretches and flows with our body movements on the quad. The inner liner is vented with a stretch Lycra insert, which works well with Shot’s stretchable spandex in the crotch that provides four-way movement. The rear yoke is also made of stretchable spandex, and the saddle of the pants is strong and resists wear. The knees are tailored to stretch easily as well.

The Optica gloves are durable and have a soft mesh panel on top that allows air to flow into them and cut down on sweat.

The next most noticeable feature of the Optica pants is the ventilation. It might not be a great pant for cold weather, but it makes riding in the heat a breeze. The shin panels are ventilated, and there are laser-cut vented panels as well that keep the airflow moving. The inside of the knee has heat-resistant leather panels so that the exhaust won’t singe right through them.

The waist of the pants has a silicone print inside to help hold the jersey in position, while an adjustable buckle and an anti-mud zipper keep the pants fitted to your waist correctly. These pants start in size 26 and end in 38 with a price of $119.99.


We are quite pleased with Shot’s Optica gear set. The jersey is light and very well ventilated, and it almost feels like you aren’t wearing one. The gloves are durable and comfortable with reinforcement where it’s needed. The pants are very lightweight and stretches in all of the right places. Shot Race Gear has a vast lineup of riding gear that includes pants, jerseys, gloves, helmets, goggles and boots. Go to to check out all of their great gear!

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