— What the fairy godmother should have put on Cinderella’s feet —

By Rachel Bosemer and the staff of Dirt Wheels

In prior years there was a limited selection of women’s boots available. For as long as I have been riding and racing ATVs, Alpinestars has dominated this market. After years and years of waiting, Sidi finally released a women’s boot that has as much technology and style as the men’s counterpart. Sidi has always been known as a leader in boot technology, so it was finally time for them to be put through a test by someone who truly knows footwear—a woman.

X-3 LEI BOOT, $345

Unlike competitors who offer multiple color schemes, the X-3 Lei boot is only available in white/pink/light blue. The boot is listed in European women’s sizes 39–43, which is equivalent to U.S. women’s sizes 6–9.5. These boots run narrower when compared to the alternative Alpinestars Tech 5, so wearing a size up seems to fit just right. These boots are made with the same laminated Technomicro and TA sole as the Crossfire 2. It also features the same cam-lock buckles, Cambrelle inner lining, heel and insole as the men’s boots. With this professional-level technology, these X-3 Lei boots are under $100 more than the competitors’ less tech-heavy boots. All of the aforementioned features greatly aid in the functionality, comfort and overall appeal of these extremely well-designed boots.


The X-3 offers amazing safety and comfort features for females, whether they are going on a trail ride or are participating in a race. The TA sole is made of anti-skid rubber and, best of all, is replaceable, along with all other bolt-on parts and the buckle system. The boot also features a nylon insole, replacing the old-style steel shank, a micro-adjustable cam-lock buckle system with memory straps, and a tongue in the rear calf panels that help protect the Achilles tendon. They also feature removable arch supports, an inner heat shield and protective plastic covering the rider’s toes. An internal malleolus plastic guard with ergonomic closed-cell foam padding is included to enhance the protection of tender, small foot bones. The protection features continue with a rigid, shock-resistant, anatomically shaped heel with a hyperextension block for maximum protection. The boot is lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area for comfort, and the upper portion of the boot is lined with Teflon mesh, which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat; these materials will not retain water or sweat on the inside of the boot. As a result, the boot will dry quickly, and the treatment also prevents the onset of mold.


Compared to every other boot I have ever ridden or raced with, the X-3 blows away the competition. The comfort, style, and ease of use provided by the buckles make them an easy choice when searching the market for your next pair of fresh kicks. These boots have been tested in a variety of regions, ranging from the dry California desert to the wet, muddy farmlands of northern Utah; no environment is a match for these boots.  The Teflon mesh works as described and prevented the boots from being flooded with mud and grass when standing in marshland that was up to the knees. The one downfall of these boots is that the hinge system involves multiple layers, which led to pinching but began to diminish after continued use of the boot.  However, this hinge system allows the rider to have close to full range of motion, almost completely removing the torturous breaking-in period. Overall, the X-3 Lei boots are a must for any female who is looking for a top-line boot.

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